what I would wear to a christmas soiree

christmas soiree
Part of me wishes I had a fancy Christmas party to go to. Part of me wishes that Seattle wasn't so dang casual all the time and instead of bowling-themed work party, I could pick out a little black dress and pair it with so glittery, sparkly pretties.

If I was going to such a party, I'd pick up that gorgeous Shabby Apple dress and pair it with a pair of Seychelles heels (love, love, love) and the cutest polka-dot tights ever from Modcloth. The tights are a whopping $34 (not worth it when I rip tights quite easily) but See Kate Sew has an amazing DIY to make 'em on the cheap. I may or may not attempt it this weekend.

If you don't have the cash for a new dress-- get creative with what you have. Any dress gets new life with a new pair of tights-- polka-dotted or not-- and some bright-colored accessories, and of course, my go-to: red lipstick.

are you going to dressy holiday parties or bowling-themed parties like me?

xo, erika


  1. omg- love that tutorial! thanks for sharing :) and that outfit is super cute! we're going to a wedding the week after christmas, so i'm making that my dress up party :) our office plays pub trivia at an irish pud to celebrate the holiday season ;)

  2. oh my gosh, those tights!--LOVE! i agree about wanting somewhere fancy to go. you look so great in red lipstick, i'm not sure i can pull it off.

  3. I have all these pretty dresses in my closet and nowhere to wear them too. Too bad we couldn't put together some gorgeous, fancy blogger get together.

  4. Our work just has a bowling one too! Oh how I wish I could dress up

  5. THAT dress is amazing :) And I LOVE those tights!

  6. Your blog is so dang adorable! I just found it & have been stalking for the past half hour :)

  7. You are so great!!! Thanks for the support and encouragement, friend!! Looking forward to perusing your blog as well! XOXO www.rubygirlblog.com

  8. i don't have a fancy partay to go to but that's not stopping me from wearing a pretty dress!! i'll blog about it when after the event for sure.
    <3 your outfit, BTW! you would look amazing in it :)

  9. Saw yo under the faith and fashion blog! So glad to find one like that!!!

    You'd love my blog too :)
    check it out! I'm following you, follow me too if you like please :)



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