Christmas Party: Chocolate kiss tree


It's day three of the Christmas Party and Virginia from Geeky and Sassy is here with a cute and delicious Christmas treat.

Hi! I'm Virginia from Geeky and Sassy.  I'm so excited to be here with all of you to share one of our Christmas traditions growing up.  The Christmas Tree with Kisses.  As kids, my sisters and I looked forward to this tree, along with salt-dough ornaments and decorating the tree.  This may have been my favorite part - probably because it has to do with chocolate.

When the box of decorations came up from the basement a styrofoam tree came up too.  We would slather it with icing and slide the Hershey's Kisses on.  It is one of those decorations that you just want to keep walking by and snitching from, so don't make it too big ;)

 "Sugar/Egg Glue" Recipe & Directions
  • Start beating 2 egg whites in the bowl.
  • Slowly add the sugar.
  • Add a bit of warm water if needed....I mean a tiny, eensy weensy bit.  (I didn't need any, but it depends on your egg size.)
  • Mix until it is smooth and doesn't drip off of the beater.  (Think of the consistency of wall putty)

  • Spread onto the tree in a thin coating leaving the very top until the very end (unless you want sticky fingers!)  
  • Depending on the size of the tree, spread it on the bottom half and then place the kisses and then do the top half....or else it may dry on you.  
  • Leave a bit of icing in the bowl just in case one of the kisses doesn't want to stick.  Just slide a bit more icing on the bottom and try again.
  • The timing and consistency is the toughest part of this whole thing....once you make the icing, you need to use it.

 When the season is over just rinse off the sugar and let the styrofoam dry completely before storing for the next year.

More ideas?  
Add some mints or striped candies instead.
Use an edible icing (this one has raw egg whites in it.)
Try different shapes or 2 different sized trees.

What are your family decorating traditions?  Thanks again Erika for having me.  I can be found on twitter, pinterest, facebook and my blog.  I'd love to hear if you tried it! 

Thanks Virginia! I love this but I'm afraid that the kisses would get eaten immediately in my house...


  1. SO CUTE. I am totally doing this this weekend!

  2. love it, Virginia! Such a fun and tasty idea :)

  3. oh that is just too cute! i'm afraid the kisses on there wouldn't last a week though; i love those things. perfect chocolate fix for me!


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