Cold Hands Warm Hearts Swap

At work today we were talking about the post office and the trials and tribulations that sometimes occur there.

But I had to admit to my coworkers wholeheartedly that I still love snail mail -- I really do love sending mail and receiving mail. (This may be partially why I have a handmade shop-- I love mailing things to people!)

So when there was a swap hosted by some of my favorites sandy and ilene, I knew I had to join because honestly, it meant more mail in the mailbox.

I was also really excited to get paired up with Kelly from The Pretty Bee because I was pretty sure I had recently hearted everything in her jewelry shop Linkel Designs. (seriously, go check her shop now.)

Kelly really spoiled me with her swap gift:

First off, hello pretty packaging.

And sweet Christmas card

And oh my goodness the cutest bird ornament ever!

honestly, I don't think he gets packed away with the rest of the decorations.

And so many other goodies-- including my navy gloves (which I've worn every day since), candies, candles, lotion...

and of course my new cute ring from Kelly's shop.

love, love, love it.

anyone else participate in the swap? or any other snail mail lovers out there?

xo, erika

p.s. it's wednesday! that means all downhill to Friday from here!
p.p.s. my shiny red nails are shellac. It was a fun girl-time splurge that I highly recommend. :)


  1. Yay! It was fun swapping with you! Merry Christmas!

  2. What adorable goodies! How fun :)

  3. what a great package!!! that bird is so fun and i love the ring :) and your nails! i wore red nail polish last week and it totally made me feel like christmas really is coming (since we haven't had any snow yet i feel like it's not really december).

  4. ahhh loved everything you and your partner gave each other! ! ! !


    i think next year you and I need to do our own CHWH swap cause I know we would spoil the bajeezus outta each other ha!


  5. Love the packaging, and the birdie! so cute!

  6. What a fun package!!! I too love snail mail! I love Kelly too. Always encouraging to read her blog :)

  7. ooooooooh!! I love your nail polish color + that beautiful ring!! And that little bird is just TOO cute!!!

  8. ohhh, i love <3 that ring! it is too cute :) and that little birdie would stay out year round at my house!

  9. Wow, so much pretty in one little box! That ornament is just darling and the ring is so cute!

  10. whoa that packaging is amazing!!! i love all the stuff you got girl!! thanks for participating in the swap!! xo

  11. What a great package to receive!

  12. That's amazing! Your partner is pretty crafty, huh? And I am a long-time lover of snail mail :)

    Be sure to check out my swap post!

    ~Stop Me if You've Heard This One

  13. Wow, you got a great package! I love that ring. :)

  14. The packaging is stunning. And I love the ring! Great gift.


  15. That bird ornament is so super cute!!!!

  16. That bird is adorable! I need one. :)


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