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Hi readers. :) Are you guys ready for Christmas? I'm not sure I can respond to that question myself quite yet... but I do have tomorrow off for some sewing and wrapping time.

If you still need one more adorable gift idea, I have the answer for you! My dear blog friend Jen has an adorable idea for sundae box... check it out below!
Hello lovely Rouge & Whimsy readers, I am so excited to guest post for the fantastic Erika. I have been so lucky to have met Erika in real life! Eeek! We met in Seattle at a Mariners game and again at BlogSugar 11! I found a fun yet simple gift idea to give to a friend who has kiddos. Scratch that, this gift would be good for anyone who likes ice cream!

A sundae fundae box! (of course I found this great idea via pinterest. That site is a gold mine and a time sucker all rolled into one!)  Here is the what I pinned under my DIY gift board:

I went to target and spent about $10 to get all the supplies:

 -4 tubs of Christmas sprinkles {found in the dollar bin}
 -A box of waffle bowls {I didn’t get waffle cones, you could do either or both}
 -A few boxes of fun candy {found in the Christmas section, on sale for $1}
 -A jar of hot fudge {If I was making multiple Sundae Fundae boxes I would have made my own hot fudge but budget wise it was cheaper to buy a single jar}

This Christmas I am obsessed with the lime green and bright red color combo so I grabbed my red and white bakers twine, some lime green and Christmas themed bags and went to work.

Tada, all of my ingredients are now dressed up in festive attire. I also found some random holiday themed labels in a craft folder so I added those to add a little extra whimsy. 

Next up I wrapped a boot box in wrapping paper {perfect sundae fundae fun box} 

After an interesting wrap job {wrapping the box proved a bit harder than I anticipated} I added all my sundae supplies and viola! 

I know my friend’s kiddos will absolutely love this little box of fun! I also think this would be a fun and thoughtful house/apartment warming gift for anyone who loves ice cream. All this talk about ice cream is making me hungry, freezer here I come!

 Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Isn't this an adorable idea? I love it a lot... and yes, I could definitely go for some ice cream too!

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  1. Sundae Fundae!!! I LOVE that idea, it's awesome!

  2. Such an adorable idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Great idea!!! i think this will make a great present for a friend of mine... His nameday coming really soon!!! Thanks!


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