I am not good at interruptions.

I have ideas, i have a set schedule and when each box does not get checked off the list-- when something disrupts the perfectly placed plans I've made, it frustrates me.
and I realized recently that this is no way to live.

Last week I had things to do. I was sewing scarves for Christmas presents and I was woefully behind. Luckily the husband was at a basketball game and I was home with a few hours stretching ahead of me-- no interruptions, no distractions. Just me, the sewing machine, and the puppy.

Until my phone rang. A friend was locked out of her house, her husband was 20 miles north and not answering his phone. Could she please come over?

Inside I grimaced. But cheerfully I responded.

She was over shortly and we made mint tea and curled up on the couch by the Christmas tree.

Her husband didn't get back for a few hours and my sewing time was displaced by heart-to-heart talks, fried eggs with toast, more tea and some late-night TV.

If it was an interruption, it was now a welcome one. And when she left I realized that too often my life is so scheduled and sometimes a distraction, a blip in my daily life is necessary.

When I think back a few years from now, I will not remember the next day as I finished up the scarves in a little bit of hurry, but I will remember watching "Murder, She Wrote" reruns on Lifetime with a friend until 11 on a weekday night.

how do you handle interruptions? are you a strict scheduler like I am? (I confess, I may be a teensy bit Type-A) :)

xo, erika


  1. I feel your pain-- I'm the exact same way... ber set in my ways and my routine and get very frustrated if that gets muddled. I am very Type A! You're not alone!

    xo Shane

  2. I am a major planner and I really don't like being interrupted, even if my only plan is to sit in my PJs watching TV! Kind of lame.

  3. I know just how you feel.
    I always have expectations on how the day should go and what I want to get done and it seems to never turn out quite how I imagined.
    It is a little frustrating, but I am trying to go more with the flow.
    That looks to be one of my New Year's resolutions!! :)

  4. I'm very Type B, but I still hate interruptions! Especially when I get zoned into a creative project, being interrupted can feel so jarring! I try to have a happy heart when it happens, but it's difficult.

  5. I am EXACTLY like you! It ruins my ENTIRE day when something throws me off :/ Not the best quality so I pray for strength! XOXO

  6. Oh, I can totally relate! I know what it's like to have an agenda and then get thrown a curve ball. I've been learning (and will continue) to be okay with Plan B or interruptions. It can be difficult for sure! Love this post :)

  7. I know what you mean. This is so true. Schedules are great, but its so important to remain flexible because you never know what surprises lie ahead!
    Great post :)


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