keeping it classy

coat: Nordstrom rack     tights: Target  leg warmers: cut  from a thrifted sweat     boots: my fav. Nordstrom pair

I used to use the word classy a lot in college. I'd talk about what was, or wasn't classy. 

My friends would tease me about it.

"You're so classy, Erika," they'd said, right when I'd do something not so sophisticated.

The thing is, sometimes I wish I lived in a "classier" time of pumps, tights and day dresses with pearls.

But I don't. And I work at a place where flip-flops and holey jeans are acceptable.

So I put on this coat. I scored it at Nordstrom Rack this fall and I love that as soon as I put it on, I feel classy.

Do you have any clothes like that?

xo, erika

p.s. thanks for your love regarding my scattered post. I'm feeling like I have things a little more under control but appreciate your notes of love :)


  1. I found a floral shift the summer at a thrift store that I put on and felt instantly feminine and pulled together. Though my husband doesn't watch Mad Men (I think he's jealous of Mr. Hamm), he knows enough to compliment me by saying "That's a Joan dress."

  2. I am with you girl! AMAZING how an article of clothing can make us feel :) LOVE that coat!

  3. I feel like that all the time!!! I like to wear heels + pretty jewelry but people always look at me funny and ask where I am going all dressed up like that!

    But I just adore that coat + those tights!!! Super pretty!!

  4. Oh yes! My black and white houndstooth coat featured a few weeks back. I get complimented all the time and people look at me like I'm crazy when I say I got it at Walmart. LOL!


  5. I feel like that too, in my small town I get weird looks when I wear a dress for no reason.

  6. love the jacket, girl!!! Looks great :)

  7. Love the socks with boots!
    xx Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  8. YOu are adorable. This coat is gorgeous!!! I am a good friend of Lindsay and recently sis a similar VERY HONEST post on my blog too and loved it. I felt so liberated! ANyway, I love your blog an shop. I am a new follower!!! NIce meeting you

    xoxxo Hanna


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