five things friday & some good internet links

Oh this week was one of those weeks. Not like last week... but still one of those weeks where Tuesday felt like Thursday.

But I'm feeling thankful for my husband, my lovely family and the promise of days off for Christmas next week!

Five good things this week:

1. Packaging up some Etsy orders and hitting up the post office

2. Small group with my girls -- hot chocolate sipping and talking in front of the Christmas tree

3. My best friend is going to be home in Seattle on Saturday! I can't wait to spend time with her.

4. Sunday night I watched Home Alone 2 with the husband and my brother. Perfect evening.

5. My silly doggy who ate an entire celery stalk that I dropped while cooking dinner. He honestly will eat anything.

Good things I read this week:

- great post on store-bought vs. handmade on JustLove.lyThings

- dreams & goals on GussySews

- this series about how Beth met her husband. looove it.  maybe i should do one?

- this butternut squash soup I made this week. sooo good.

- I am obsessed with handmade Ryan Gosling. It just speaks to me...

- have you seen the paper mama's 50 days of DIYs? They're amazing, and I'm not just saying that because I contributed to one of them.

And if you are the praying sort, please please pray for my friend's mom. She's in the hospital and may need a heart transplant. It's very sudden and has been very hard.

Aisle to Aloha


  1. I love Beth's series on how she met her husband too!! Hang in there until your days off :)

  2. I love your purple / green color combination in your outfit.


  3. great highlights in your week :) i love watching old christmas movies! can't wait to check out the links you highlighted and thank you for including me :) you're too kind! and i vote 'yes' to you blogging about how you met your mister!!!

  4. hey erika, came across your blog from your touching post on Lee La La. Looking forward to keeping up with you :)

    xo Shane

  5. oh no!! I hope your friend's mom is going to be alright!! I will be praying for her!!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend dear!!
    PS I love that scarf with those tights. Wonderful combo!

  6. Lol Monte eats weird stuff too... but then there are some things that he turns his nose up at that is totally baffling! Dogs are so weird =-)

  7. You are SO cute! So happy to have read your post on Lee La La. I too am one of those silly medicated girls, and we learn to live with it, and we're stronger because of it. I'm happy to add you to my daily reads! <3. Jill

  8. mmmm love the shade of those tights.

  9. Glad to find you through Lindsay's blog! Such a great post! Off to check out these fun links!

  10. Mmm, butternut squash. Yum. And I love Beth's series too. I would love to do one too! It would be fun to read everyone's story. I feel a link-up coming on :)

  11. Sounds like you found some truly wonderful things in your week to make it brighter! I will be keeping your friend's mom in my thoughts and prayers- what a difficult time of year to be facing that as well!

    Stopping by from Lindsay's!

  12. i'm obsessed with handmade ryan gosling too haha. i'm not even a huge fan of his but it's hilarious.
    xo dana

  13. I want to be in your small group! I need to find one asap! You always look so darn cute. LOVE YOU girl!


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