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I've been a bit scattered.

Do you ever have weeks like that?

It started on Monday with my plan to make chili in the crock pot. I was up a little early chopping veggies and had it all set.

All day I dreamed of my chili dinner with corn bread. When I get home I realized that I had not plugged the chili in. Dinner was tacos and I put the crock pot contents in the fridge.

On Tuesday, I tried again and made sure to plug the crock pot in. When the husband called me, he told me that I had somehow not plugged it all the way in. And the chili, after two days, was not worth saving. It felt like the biggest waste as I tossed it. 
When I forgot my concert tickets (thank goodness the husband brought them to me) and on Friday left my phone at home, it just made me feel like I didn't have it together, that I couldn't remember anything. 

This weekend I'm trying to decompress, to gather my marbles and pick up the pieces for next week. 

And perhaps, double and triple check my crockpot when I leave for the day. 

xo, erika


  1. I definitely have weeks like that... I have a feeling with everything I need to do this coming week that I may be a bit scatterbrained.

  2. Oh sweet girl, I do this all the time. I get so down on myself too. Just laugh it off...it will pass! LOVE U!

  3. Oh how frustrating! Just take some deep breaths, you got this girl!

  4. Awe, I'm sorry you had a rough week. Lately when I forget things, I blame it on pregnancy brain. It's nice to have an excuse :)

  5. I agree with Toaster4JC, pregnancy did that to me twice! ;)

  6. "Gather my marbles ..." OH YEAH, I have months like that, friend. You're in good company. :)

  7. weeks like that are totally bummer. for reals. just remember it will NOT be like that forever :)


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