finding my style

 cardigan: TJ Mazz   scarf: market at local church   top/leggings: F21   booties: Wanted shoes
(my shoe purchase was inspired by the lovely Moorea Seal)

I remember when I suddenly realized that what I was wearing mattered to some people.

It was fourth grade and my mom had just sewed me these horse print leggings. I loved horses and I loved leggings; it was the perfect combination.

When I got to school wearing my new duds one of my classmates asked me what I was wearing.

"It looks like little kid pajamas!" he said.

My heart sank and I told my mom when I got home that I wasn't going to wear those pants again.

Fast-forward to junior high where my style was whatever everyone was wearing. I didn't like back-to-school shopping because we went shopping before school started. How was I supposed to know what everyone else was wearing if we went before school started?

One year everyone had Old Navy tech vests. Does anyone remember those? I didn't have one but I knew I needed to have one. And when I saved up to finally get my tech vest, the one I got was wrong. It was different from everyone else's. It was all wrong.

In high school I started branching out a little bit. I added ribbons to some skirts, I cut a few t-shirts. I was becoming a little comfortable with who I was and what I decided I liked.

The outfit I'm wearing in the photos I would never have wore a few years ago. Not necessarily because leggings weren't really "in" a few years ago, but because I'm wearing what I like and what I feel comfortable in. It's a good feeling.

but I kinda wish I still had those horse leggings. 

xo, erika

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  1. super cute outfit! love the color combo :)
    i can totally relate to feeling like you don't fit in in school. i never had the 'cool' clothes, though i tried!

  2. I adore your style! Love this outfit too! Ugh tech vests :/ Not a fan!

  3. I always dressed really nice in high school. A lot of the kids in my grade wore sweatshirts and jeans, nothing too fancy. I loved dress pants, skirts and dresses. I definitely branch out a bit more but I don't feel like I ever really wore what everyone else was wearing. Although I do remember a few not so great fashion choices that got me made fun of.

  4. Isn't that the worst feeling? Trying to figure out who you are, yet trying to fit in with everyone at the same time? It's impossible! I'm glad you're finally coming into your skin and learning who you are and using your style to match that! :) This outfit is adorable, as are you!

  5. I love this outfit!! That top is a smashing color!!
    I remember being in middle school and doodling Charlie Sheen, Cory Haim + Corey Feldman's names all over my binder. ((This was in 2002 ish and I did this in high school too!!)) I also wore Ramones tees + leg warmers and anything else 80s I could get my hands on.None of my friends liked the 80s then ((This was before the huge 80s fad arrived a few years ago!!)) Then in high school ((when the 80s were *just* starting to be cool again)) I developed a love for the 60s + 70s.
    I think I was always a little bit off the bnd wagon and I always just did my own thing. All of my friends wore band tees and talked about actors that I cared little about.
    If you went to my school I am sure we would have been friends and I would have loved your horse leggings ((I too had a pair of horse print pants I got on sale from some shop!!))

  6. Love this. :) it's so crazy how much things have changed. I totally had a tech vest! Haha!

  7. cute oxfords! you look darling as ever, friend! merry christmas. :)

  8. My mom used to make me clothes too... It's sweet but not always on target.

  9. you are just TOO cute. i wouldn't wear ANYTHING i'm wearing at this stage in my life when i was little but i'm branching out. and it's awesome to find my own style :)

  10. I love this entire look. It's so, so gorgeous and so you! I can totally understand wanting to dress to impress and getting caught in the flow of everyone-else-is-wearing, I've been there. But I've managed to stop doing that and enjoy who I am, what I wear and be proud of both. ^_^

  11. you are SOO cute! love your shoes!!!

  12. Totally remember the tech vests! IT's so weird how kids rag on each other for what they wear. I totally remember wearing "weird" stuff when I was little because they felt more "me". That didn't last long though. I think it works better when you're older, because your confidence kicks in. Confidence=girl, you work those crazy glitter shoes (I wish I still had my glitter shoes)

  13. so true. i remember those days - and i'm glad theyre mostly gone, mostly. i think now its not that i dont wear what i like, but i'm scared what i like is influenced a little too much but what other are wearing. i'll work on that.

    your newest follower,

  14. I absolutely loved this post! And I find this outfit incredibly adorable. Like...soooo adorable.



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