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Happy Monday y'all. (can I say that if I live in Seattle?) Sorry for being a little MIA last week-- work was crazy, I was exhausted and life just happened...I'm sure you know how it goes.

But this week I'm so excited for the Christmas-y posts I have lined up! But before we get that holiday party started I wanted to introduce you to the sponsors on my sidebar-- some new, some old-- all are great.

And I also want to introduce you to one of them in particular-- super bubbly and fun Tori of the blog the Editorial.

tell us a little bit about yourself
Life for me revolves around surviving college, keeping up a relationship with my man, and being able to smile through good and bad times. I'm from TN, and down here, my life goes a little something like: School, babysitting, work, studying, blogging, eating, blogging, studying, oh... and did I mention blogging?
how did you start blogging?
I started blogging in June of this year. I'm rather new to the blogging world, but I couldn't imagine my life without it now. I've made some of the best bloggy friends {like Erika} that are so sweet and encouraging that the world is made of good people, too! 
what inspires you?
I'm inspired by lots. Inspired by fashion, by sunny days, by the roller coaster of life I live, by love from God, my man, and my family. Mostly, I'm inspired by my followers. Some of my posts will be depressing, some of them will show my off side, some things I will never share with them. I'll lose some and I will gain some- but most of them are golden. They are loving, sweet, and encouraging. Thanks to all of them for inspiring me to be good, kind, and keep blogging.
you're on a desert island with a group of people-- what would be your contribution to the group as you guys work out to survive?
Although I wouldn't be the strongest one {actually I would be the one crying my eyes out wanting to go home...} But-- I think I would be good at making good jungle island attire. Or maybe I could bake up some yummy python pie :)
your fav blogs & sites?
My 5 favorite blogs/sites are...
go give some love to this beautiful real & honest blogger! thanks for sharing Tori!
xo, erika

p.s. if you want to read an interview with me-- go check out paperdollsmile.com today ;)

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  1. What a fun interview, I'm off to check out her blog as well as her favorite blogs!


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