what i wore // and the time my brother braved F21

 top/blazer: gifts // jeans: paige denim // shoes: wanted shoes

I grew up with two brothers.

Two brothers that alternatively annoyed me, copied me, drove me crazy and made me wish to be an only child.

Two brothers that also made me laugh, were my constant playmates and who I would never trade for.
However, neither of them were very good at giving Christmas presents growing up.

But we are older now and both of them consistently give very good gifts -- gifts that they will go to the far depths of the mall for -- even to the depths of... Forever 21.

I know.

Forever 21 is scary to me on a good day. Hordes of teenage girls, no rhyme or reason to the organization and the dressing rooms that have messes that make the pile of laundry in my basement look small.

One of my brothers dared to go to Forever 21 to pick something out for me. He texted my mom from the store (names have been blurred to protect the siblings. My mom's responses are in blue.)

I think he did well. :)

xo, erika


  1. you know he loves you ;) and he did such a wonderful job!

  2. Aw, what a sweet guy! Yes, it looks super cute on you. :)

  3. So funny and I think he did well also. Is he older or younger? My brother is 6 years younger but he always picks out the best gifts too.

  4. literally LMAO at "thats not orange its goldenrod"

  5. He definitely chose a great piece! The comment about goldenrod is hilarious haha.

  6. This totally made me laugh! Your brother is oh so brave because I love shopping and even I get freaked out at Forever 21! I have never known a Forever 21 that wasn't a complete zoo! I love the "I'm so lost" part. I usually feel that way at that store! :)

  7. Grown up brothers are the best! Mine ventured to IKEA to get me something off my holiday wishlist, only to discover they won't ship non-locally from in store. Bless him! Chaotic stores all over!

  8. "It's not orange, it's goldenrod."

    I think I love your mom lol.

  9. This is SO cute! The outfit AND the story behind it.

  10. haha that's so funny! he did awesome!

  11. Your mom AND brother are fantastic. That conversation is absolutely priceless. I think my brother and I had a similar one about what he was buying for his wife. I have only one brother, and I'm not sure if I had a sister that she would be as good at gift giving as my brother is!


  12. he knows the color coral? and knows what a blazer is??? he's miles ahead of my brother and even my husband. you're a lucky girl :)

  13. Aw that's so sweet of him! He did a good job! I have two brothers also and this year one surprised me with two bracelets (black and pink) he ordered off of Etsy. I didn't even know he knew what Etsy was! ;-) (this is the brother that believes practical gifts are always better!) The conversation between your mom and bro is priceless. :-)

  14. Ummm remember that time I hated you cause you're so cute? Ya that just happened. Jk love ya -- you look adorable/stylish as always!

  15. too cute! my little brother is slowly but surely getting better at gift giving too. i don't think i could get him in F21 though...


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