things I like this week

It's pretty straightforward post. I'm sharing a bunch of things I liked this week:

Photo by rougeandwhimsy

>> I like my city. Every day this week I've been blessed with crazy awesome sunsets from the day job's office window. All of the employees (including me) scramble to take photos of the view. Seattle, you done good. (shameless plug: for some of those views, you should follow me on Instagram.)

>> I like my husband scraping my car this a.m.

>> I like seeing a grown man read Twilight in paperback on the bus. (I know, should have snapped a photo.)

>> I like drooling over this gorgeous blog with stunning food photography (do not read on an empty stomach)

>> I like this great tutorial for a easy DIY photo reflector and I made one this week

>> I like playing Cards Against Humanity. The husband, another couple, and I played the non-PC game for three hours. (feel free to judge me)

>> I like hanging out here.

>> I like watching The Bachelor and reading Danielle's recaps of the ridiculousness. (feel free to judge me, again.)

>> I like you guys.

the end.

xo, erika


  1. I am shamelessly addicted to the Bachelor. I won't even apologize! It's just too great.
    I played Cards Against Humanity once and basically laughed until I died. It's just too funny!

  2. WOW!! That sunset is breathtaking!!

  3. confession: I have never watched an episode of The Bachelor.
    and I loved seeing a sunset or two on IG this week. I miss living in the west and seeing gorgeous sunsets regularly. It's like an event when I do see the sun set on the horizon. Oh, the east coast...someday, I'll miss it.

  4. oh my, that sunset IS amazing! man would i love to be close to Seattle!! also the photography on that blog is ridiculously beautiful. and lastly, i like you.

  5. I like your likes.

    Living in a city you love is a wonderful thing. Also re your lov of The Bachelor - maybe this is the place to admit that I love Made in Chelsea (a bit like The Hills, but with super posh Londoners). Sometimes watching other people be utterly ridiculous is what you need!

  6. I love your Seattle instagram posts! I am originally from the Seattle area and am moving back in a few months, so I am excited to see those views in person :)

  7. oh yeah, I accidentally got sucked into the bachelor this season....oops :).

  8. Haha I love The Bachelor, it's such a good mindless show.


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