fort steilacoom

 headband: c/o Just Lovely Things // sweater: old American Eagle // top: Target // skirt: hand-me-down // boots: Wanted

 There's different kind of gorgeous scenery-- there's the awe-inspiring views of mountains, oceans, cliffs or deserts. And then there's the mossy, damp beauty of a western Washington in winter.

My husband's parents live south of Tacoma in the city of Lakewood and every year we drive the hour or so down (depending on traffic) to spend part of Christmas with them.

One of my favorite parts of visiting is going to Fort Steilacoom. The park is popular but its size can make parts of it feel secluded. On Christmas Eve, the on and off rain made it so we nearly had the place to ourselves.

The rising mist and fog partnered with the abandoned barns gave the park an eerie, almost mystic feeling. Am I the only one who loves rundown barns? Something about the history- the idea of what was once there- it makes me want to write a poem, or something.

But don't worry, I won't be torturing you with one anytime soon.

xo, erika

** in case you were wondering how to pronounce Fort Steilacoom, (it's an American Indian word), it's stil-eh-come


  1. I don't know if I've ever walked around a dilapidated barn, but I always like to see them off the road. And they sure make a fun backdrop for photos!

  2. That barn is such a great photog spot! Also, thank you for clarifying the pronunciation. I was trying to figure it out!

  3. I live in Tacoma but work in Lakewood, everyone has been telling me to o check out that park! I just haven't had the time...but seeing your pictures makes me want to go even more! So pretty...I just love all the beautiful nature in this state, much different from California!

  4. What beautiful photos Erika!! I love that barn!!
    Happy New Year friend!!

  5. So pretty, it must be such a fun place to explore.

  6. My Dad lives in Tacoma but we live way up in Skagit County. I will have to remember next time we visit to check out Fort Steilacoom.

  7. LOVE that barn! And your pretty outfit!

  8. thank you for the how to say it properly, I'm thinking a weekend trip with the family is in order!
    I am so glad you had a wonderful little holiday and got to spend time with the family.

  9. Gorgeous photos! And your outfit is too cute.



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