I took these photos at Goodwill

 button-up: nordstrom // sweater: madewell // pants: anthro // shoes: thrifted

Can we talk about how the husband puts up with me?

Like the other night when I just vented emotional garbage at him-- spilling things that didn't even make sense. He just nodded and said the right things. (Thank you honey!)

Or, like when I force the husband to take outfit photos of me. Usually it's when he's doing something else but I need the photos taken right then. (It'll just take five minutes!)

Or the times that I force him to go to Goodwill with me-- just for a few minutes-- and it ends up being much longer.  (Sorry honey! I haven't been down this aisle!)

Or how about the time he took these outfit photos ... at a Goodwill. I think he gets double points here.

xo, erika

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  1. You are so cute and I love that you (+ your husband!!) took these photos in front of the thrift store!! :)

  2. I think that's triple points, actually! I'm doing a Goodwill drop-off this weekend, and now I feel the need to make sure I look effortlessly "I just threw this together" chic like you. Thanks for setting the bar so high... ;)

  3. He's a keeper for sure! I do a lot of the same things...so glad these good men put with us :)

  4. hah - mine usually aims the camera in a different direction or chooses to zone in on.. my boob. so at least your photos come out well ;)

    love the sweater in this outfit!

  5. Long-suffering husbands are the best! I love mine, too. :) Cute outfit! I really love how it compliments your coloring, and I want to re-create it.

  6. he gets unlimited points! my fiance is the same way! love this look!

    C's Evolution of Style

  7. Seriously you are the cutest and its so fun when you have someone with you (like a husband) because the smiles are genuine and cute! Notice when people use their tripods and do selfies, its just a little less convincing then when you are smiling at someone you love! Does that make sense? haha


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