on a shop kick

It turns out the best thing for my shop was taking a month off.

I have had so much fun designing new items for the shop and really pushing myself to learn new things and try new designs.

One of the newest designs is a new crossbody bag in 100 percent leather. I think I say this each time I make new designs, but I am truly in love with it and really proud of the finished product. I wish that Etsy allowed customers to feel the leather, because it's honestly so soft and gorgeous in person.

I also made two leather clutches-- they're simple, but again, they're all leather so they're really soft and fun.

  gold leather-- my new obsession.

I hope you love these new shop items as much as I do. See all of them here.


  1. Want, want, want the cross-body bag and the gold clutch! So gorgeous!

  2. beautiful! I love the cross body bag and I really wish I could feel how soft it is :)

  3. Oh my gosh I love them all! The cross body is perfect. I hope you bring one on Wednesday so I can feel the leather in person. Ha!

  4. I was with Sam yesterday and she was carrying her yellow and grey bag you made and I always just think it's the loveliest creation!

  5. that cross body leather bag is AMAZING! I need it.

  6. These are gorgeous! My mom got me one of your purple ombre clutches for Christmas and I just LOVE it! I love that cross body bag!

  7. Oh wow, that cross body bag looks gorgeous!


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