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peony -- Radiant Cosmetics
First off, I like lipstick. It's a new love, developed in the past year or so, but I love how it brightens my face and gives me a little burst of confidence -- especially during drab winter months.

I also like things that give back, which is why Radiant's lipsticks are my new favorite. Radiant Cosmetics gives 20 percent back of its profits to fight sex trafficking, and in the month of January, they are also donating one lipstick for every lipstick purchased to a survivor or current victim of sex trafficking.

According to Radiant, approximately 27 million people are enslaved worldwide. Unfortunately, one of the biggest hubs for sex trafficking is my home city of Seattle. It ranks third in terms of sex trafficking -- not prostitution-- but sex trafficking--  and in Seattle, a huge portion of it is underage girls engaged in prostitution; this site says at least 300,000 girls in the city alone. 

I work downtown and I live by a highway that's well known for its crime and prostituion. The statistics hit home for me and I hope in someway that in my lipstick purchase, I'm helping the people who share the same city as me.

xo, erika


  1. i love radiant! i'm buying myself a tube for valentine's day, but i haven't decided on a color. peony looks great on you!

  2. Wonderful!! I did a post a couple years ago about their make-up. So glad to see others standing up against human trafficking and using products that endorse abolition!!
    Keep it up!!!

  3. I've been familiar with Radiant for a while now. Totally an excellent cause.

    Just one note - you point out that sex trafficking is underage girls. Sex trafficking is not specific to underage girls. It's varying ages and genders. Just because someone is of age and may appear to be making her/his own choices, doesn't mean s/he isn't held in slavery. Something we should all remember.

  4. I've only just recently fallen in love with lipstick and I still haven't found a brand or colour that's my favourite yet. I'll definitely have to check radiant out!

  5. Thanks for boosting the signal on this! As much as the 99/Aurora skeeves me out, it's hard to believe that Seattle has so much of such a heinous crime. I wish there was a way we the residents could crack down on it more actively. At least this is a start!


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