late nights

I only realized recently that I legitimately work two jobs.
I have my day job.
And I have my night job-- my blog and my little etsy shop.

As my etsy shop grows, I find myself with a few more late nights. In the office, me and my Janome sewing machine, the cutting mat, a stack of pretty fabric and maybe a cup of tea.

And music. Always music to keep me motivated and moving.

I'm sharing some of my current favorites late night tunes. It's a random mix-- but I hope you enjoy it.

if you can't see the player, click here for the mix.

xo, erika

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  1. I always love a new playlist because I'm too lazy to find new stuff. I'm terrible about getting stuck in a rut with music!

  2. I'm the same way! I work so late on my shop orders and blog after a full day of teaching. I definitely need music to keep me going. Great playlist! I snagged it and added it to my own Spotify playlists. :)

  3. Oh my! This is totally how I felt before I left my day job. I would work 8-5 and then come home just to work 5:30-9 or 10 some nights. Mostly I enjoyed it but sometimes it would get overwhelming! If you need any support or advice feel free to ask!

  4. love your playlist :) I have a similar one on spotify!


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