a dahlia as big as your head

 sweater: thrifted // necklace: borrowed // jeans: urban outfitters // sandals: marshalls

I am not a gardener.

I really want to be and every spring I buy the seeds, the plants, the compost, the whatever.

But it doesn't last long. I just don't make time. There's too many other things I feel like I need to do.

Which, is why, when the dahlias in my yard grow to the size of my head, I am always surprised.

My friend asked me what I did to get them that size, but honestly, I planted them last year and didn't even think they would come back this year. I don't even think I water them.

It's kind of a miracle.


  1. I liked you said, am a horrid gardener myself. My parents both loved it- I however despise it. I love flowers and all that but dirt- yuck, I'm a miss prissy pants! Good job with the beau-ti-ful dahlia!~:) gorge, be proud!

  2. Omg! That is the biggest dahlia I've ever seen! At first I thought it was a paper Pom Pom you made! Lol

  3. That's like an Alice in Wonderland flower. Cool maybe it was the fertilizer. We have a huge butterfly in our yard ,he is like a mutant

  4. Oh my goodness!! That Dahlia is ginormous + oh-so beautiful!! I also LOVE your green pants!!

  5. some people have a green thumb, you have green jeans. that flower needs to be drug tested. :)

  6. those green pants- love!

  7. I don't think I've ever seen a flower that big! So impressive and awesome that you didn't have to labor over it :)

  8. I just kill everything, except weeds, I'm really good at keeping those alive. But I'm curious, what plant is that directly behind your feet in the first photo?

  9. cute outfit! and I feel ya on the lack of gardening skills.. whenever my flowers look good, I start snappin pics & get so excited hah.
    Oh, My

  10. That's amazing! Those are huge and so pretty!! Good job!

  11. Very nice! BTW this is an 18" one grown by the Wynnes. They groomed it to one flower only. Yes, it's real.



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