messy buns or top knots

top: old navy (similar) // belt: thrifted // jeans + shoes: urban outfitters (here + similar)

you should know...

- I'm not sure why messy buns are now called top knots but I like it because it makes me sound more fancy when I'm wearing them in my dirty hair.

- I love these orange shoes, but honestly they don't fit super great because one of my feet is legitimately bigger than the other. And it's a problem. 

- I crack my knuckles all the time. I'm sorry if that already makes you not want to be my friend.

- I crack my back too. Sorry. 

- I rarely follow recipes to a T. Unless I'm baking. Otherwise I'm one of those "throw this in, taste this, add this" kind of cooks. 

- Speaking of cooking, I accidentally burn myself at least twice a month cooking and/or baking. Not sure why. I am a tad accident prone, actually.

- My car window won't go up right now so we pulled a ghetto and covered it with black plastic. Gettin' looks at the fabric store fo' shore.

- I usually fall asleep in 5 minutes. If I don't, I lie in bed thinking up new designs for my etsy shop. Nerd status? I think so. 

- I am feeling very blessed by people who encourage me to go to God and to go a little easier on myself. 

- I read a lot of blogs (blog obsessed over here) but I don't comment very often. I'm sorry for that but it doesn't mean I don't like you, because I do like you and I like what you're doing, but it's hard to comment from a phone on the bus or during a work lunch break. I'm trying to be better. 

what should I know about you right now? 

xo, erika


  1. haha as I was reading this I was cracking my knuckles.

    I wish I could fall asleep within a few minutes. Even with my sleeping pills it takes quite a while. Speaking of... it's almost quarter to 1... I should try to sleep. gah.

  2. I love your top knot, and the orange shoes, and the bags in your shop. I'm casually dropping hints to my husband so he can get them for me for Christmas :)

  3. I'm missing top knots since I chopped my hair :( But I don't miss blow drying that load, it was seriously a chore!
    and I'm loving all your random thoughts. I crack my back a lot too!

  4. ooh a knuckle AND back cracker? i don't know if i could handle that! ;)

    i read a TON of blogs also, glad to know i'm not the only obsessed one. i tell myself it's okay bc i read fast, so it's not like i'm spending THAT much time on them (lies).

  5. I am trying to do the top knot but my hair is a tad too short! Also I am a follow the recipe kind of gal who is a bit jealous if your ability not to...

  6. I, too, cook and burn the way you do LOL
    Absolutely love your outfit as well! Such a fun post, thank you for making me smile this Wednesday!

  7. ack! I really dislike folks who crack their knuckles!! (But I still think you're pretty swell!) :)
    I love your messy top knot + this little list!!
    I wish I could go to sleep within 5 minutes of going to bed!! Sometimes it feels like FOREVER before I get to sleep!!

  8. Ditto on commenting. This is taking forever on my phone!

  9. Ditto on commenting. This is taking forever on my phone!

  10. Well I guess I will take a cue from you and comment! I also read a lot of blogs and never comment. (It's even worse because I'm usually on my computer). Ah! Anyhow I am also loving the "top knot" for my slightly dirty hair days. It's perfect and even though I'm just under 5' tall I feel like a model (with the addition of some red lipstick of course). :)

  11. My left foot is slightly bigger than my right. Such a problem right!?

    I totally have a tiny burn mark on my arm. I was lighting a match to light some candles and the match head broke and flew onto my arm. Battle wound, right?

  12. im still on the fence about top knots or messy buns whatever you call them. cute outfit and i love those wedges you have

  13. top knot does sound a lot more sophisticated! i'm not sold on it for myself, but my husband actually really likes it; he says it looks fancy. ;) so i do it, and it's fun & easy, and the hubby's happy!

  14. i can't NOT follow a recipe! that's the only way i can cook haha. your topknot is adorable!

    Sandy a la Mode

  15. Love this outfit! So cute and casual! Your top knot is perfect :)

  16. I crack my knuckles a lot, too.

    This is a very cute outfit, from head to toe. You look great. :)

  17. So cute :) I don't know why the buns are called that either! It's so funny the things I learn through blogging ha!

  18. I am all about the use of "top knot" so fancy :). And I too lie in bed thinking up new designs AND my car window broke. Ummm, are we the same person?

  19. Such a great look - love the polka dots and those shoes.. and the top knot :)

    Pearls & Paws

  20. since top knots became a thing, i always feel like people scrutinize my bun and it has to be perfect(ly imperfect). this makes me wear top knots so much less than i used to, even though i *adore* them on literally everyone else.

    i crack my ankles constantly and i still want to be your friend.

  21. Messy Buns are called TOP KNOTS because in the days of the samurai, the men wore their hair in what they sincerely called "TOP KNOTS" on their head and it looked like a messy bun.

    I love throw-in type of cooks! Good for you!

    I comment on many blogs but have had little time to lately. I am trying to catch up right now!! eek!

    You are beautiful and I love this outfit on you so much!

    Something about me: I cringe when I hear cracking sounds. haha.


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