black, brown, and navy

earrings: laonato (I love these have not taken them off since I bought them) // necklace: belleza mia // tee: h&m // flannel: target via thrift shop // skirt: anthropologie // socks: ?? // boots: star ling via ebay

Once upon a time I cared so much about what others thought of what I wore. 

Today I still struggle with worrying about what others think, but I am far more confident in what I wear. 

Yes, I still decide what to wear at night, but it's really because I can barely get myself out the door in the morning, much less find something without a stain on it to wear. 

And this outfit is something I would never have worn in high school simply because it doesn't match. I'm wearing two shades of brown, a black t-shirt and the flannel top I'm wearing? It has navy blue in it.

Maybe it's not completely good to mix navy, black and brown, but I think it works. And I think it's okay sometimes to break the rules and decide you don't care what others think.

Deep thoughts all started by a thrifted flannel shirt.

xo, erika

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  1. I'm getting better are mixing things I would have never worn together in the past thanks to your inspirations! I'm the opposite and have to choose my outfit in the mornings...today, my combo isn't one I would have guessed but I was determined to wear purple since it's domestic violence awareness day and ended up wearing a purple top, navy blazer, grey pants and teal shoes with a purple/navy/green plaid scarf and thankfully it works...I think!

  2. You look ready for Autumn!! I love the flannel top + your ruffled skirt and boots!!

  3. I have a hard time not doing the matchy matchy. I guess I get it from my mom, who is ALWAYS matchy matchy. I've definitely branched out A LOT since high school and wear things for ME rather than to fit in with everyone else but in my brain matching is perfection, lol.

    Nonetheless, I'm pretty much in love with this look. I wish I could be a little more daring and not match so much!

  4. Love the outfit, but more importantly, that you KNOW your outfit isn't what defines you.

  5. great job pairing these colors! I mixing navy, blacks, browns and grays!


  6. Cute shirt and outfit. Lovely blog, visit me blog and let me know if you want to follow on bloglovin and I will follow back

  7. I love not matching! I always lay my clothes out the night before. Even now. I don't have to be anywhere in the morning, but I like to have my yoga pants and t-shirt set out for my early morning dog walks :).

  8. Gorgeous outfit, you definitely look stylish plus warm n' cozy!!!

  9. Hi i saw your blog on what i wore wednesday, just looking at blogs I might have missed and i am your newest follower. your photos are so cute and i love your style.

    have a great day!



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