I've always liked makeup.
My mom first let me wear it in 7th grade after months of begging.

And I wore that blue glittery eyeshadow with pride.

Luckily, I've come  along way since then in figuring out what works.

(Blue eyeshadow, not so much.)

Here's a few of my daily favorites:

1. Garnier BB Cream: I just started wearing bb cream this summer. Super sheer and feel-good coverage. I love love love it. ($12 at drugstores)
2. elf golden bronzer: I always love a little bronze-y color on my cheeks. This has a highligter shade included. ($4- 6 Target)
3. One by One Covergirl mascara: this girl has light, wimpy little lashes so I'm all about the big stuff. This and LashBlast by Maybelline is are my favs. ($8-10 drugstores.)
4. Revlon Colorstay liquid eye pen: This is like a felt pen for your eyes. Super easy to apply and I love the deep black color. I usually wear black eyeliner just on my top lids in a slightly cat-eye shape. ($8-10 drugstores.)
5. Blush/Bronzer brush: I've only recently gotten into brushes. Turns out having the right tools makes even your drugstore makeup go on better.
6. Concealer brush: I just bought this concealer brush and I don't know what took me so long. it's awesome for getting exact coverage.
7. eye shadow brush: again, using a good brush, this one is Sonia Kashuk, makes everything better.
8. Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes: this is my one splurge but I've bought it several years in a row. The colors are neutral-- not too shimmery, not too dark and it comes with a concealer that works great for undereye shadows. Also, it lasts forever. ($32 and worth every penny department stores, Sephora.)
9. Sonia Kashuk beautifying blush in sunset: As a redhead, I look better in peachy-orangey shades. This one is particularly nice. ($12 Target)
10. Sonia Kashuk all covered up concealer in porcelain: a wonderful thing for covering zits (yes I still get 'em all the time, what's up with that) and you apply with a concealer brush or fingertip. ($10-12 Target)

What are your favorite makeup items? Do you shop drugstore or department store?

xo, erika


  1. I want #s 4, 9 and 10 so badly!

    I'm a big fan of blue eyeshadow, especially glittery, except it's hard to find a good one. I also love purple, and very pale colors such as porcelain, glittery white, very soft beige, etc. Green, especially mint, is another favorite.

    I don't wear lots of red, orange, or neutral colors because they just don't look that good on me and I love a pop of color.

    Pink can be good, sometimes and other times, not so much. I do have one extreme pink, glittery eyeshadow from Hard Candy that I love.

    My mascara is almost always brown, and I often use an all over face powder over liquid concealer.

    I love make-up, heh.

  2. i have had the same makeup routine for like a year ahaha!! i think i need to switch it up soon!

    Sandy a la Mode

  3. I have the BB Cream and the Big Beautiful Eyes (the dark version) too! We were destined to be friends. ;]

  4. I am all about drugstore makeup... I just don't believe the more expensive stuff is really that much better.

  5. i use the same blush! i love that it's matte and brightens my skin without making me "shimmer."



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