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I still love getting the mail.
The husband can attest that I ask him nearly daily if he's gotten the mail, even though more often than not, my mail is not that exciting.

A lot of my dearest friends don't live near me anymore and so this year, I'm trying to write more snail mail.

And hopefully, then receive a little more snail mail.

happy friday! i'm off to san diego! (no lie, I really am. and I'm super excited.)

xo, erika


  1. That chalk board desk is darling! and I love getting mail too :) I always check the mail box, hoping to find something fun!

  2. I just moved cross country and have been attempting to keep up a habit of dutifully sending cards and letters and small handmade gifts to my friends and family. It makes my whole week whenever they send something back. I could email them everyday, and maybe I should, but there is something so genuine and sincere about a handwritten, posted note...wouldn't you agree? I wish for you mail everyday...the good kind. Not the boring grown up kind.

  3. I love snail mail! One of my friends from college is really good about sending cards. I'm striving to be more like that because it really brightens people's day!

  4. I love getting mail too, it's such a fun little surprise.

    And I am super jealous you're going to San Diego, it's one of my favorite places!

  5. Mail is the greatest, ha! Well, good mail. I loooooooove checking the mail, too! I set a goal to write at least 100 letters this year.

    ..........I'm really behind on that goal, ha! I need to write more. I also wanted to see how many states/provinces/territories/countries I could send letters to & receive letters from. Haha I think the number is under 10.

  6. Love that desk!!!
    I have been writing letters since I was 10. 18 years of letter writing and I have never stopped. . though a couple hundred penpals of mine did which was hard on me. I have always responded to letters I've received. It is lots and lots of fun!!!! It is rare to see that people actually want to write to people by hand, when email and facebook seem to be in top control.


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