diy: how to trim your bangs (video)

Wondering how to trim your bangs at home?

Are you also wondering what I sound like in real life?

I decided to answer both of those questions at once with a vlog. This is kind of a big deal because I'm not a huge fan of seeing myself talk... but I'm doing this new thing where I'm pushing myself outside my boundaries.
So, if you're so inclined, you can watch me trim my bangs, (I go cross-eyed a few times, which is attractive), and you can tell me if I have an accent... because I'm convinced that people raised in Washington state don't have one at all.


p.s. there's a pretty sweet giveaway going on right now... and also, I'm asking for you all to share your dreams with me... read this for the explanation. :)


  1. great vlog and tutorial! it's so fun to hear your voice and see you in action....and i don't think you have an accent at all :) thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone!

  2. I've tried trimming my bangs on my own but I'm always worried that they'll be uneven and I'll keep going shorter and shorter lol.

  3. You are adorable!!
    And this is the way I trim my bangs, too : )

  4. I don't hear an accent. I do love your blog though. :)

  5. I watched giggling to myself because I am the one who would have used my sewing scissors ;) I guess I'll go spend the $5.

  6. oh hey THATS what you sound like?! ;)

  7. Love this! I don't think you have an accent. If I ever get up the courage to do a vlog, you will definitely hear my midwest accent :).

  8. Aww you are too cute! Your bangs are awesome too so I'll totally take your advice :) Oh and no accent- I spent a summer in Washington and Oregon and that was one thing I really noticed!

  9. This makes me miss you! Adorable as always.

  10. I'm a bang self-trimmer as well! Except I do use craft scissors...I know that's a no-no, I just do it anyway! You've inspired me to go purchase some real, $10 hair-cutting scissors from Amazon :)

  11. Thanks for this very helpful vlog, in which you look and sound very cute!



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