what goes around comes around

 jacket: ?  scarf: TheSoakTree  top: gap  jeans: urban outfitters  shoes: wanted shoes  bag: jo totes

Sometimes I go through phases where I need to purge. I get a huge bag and stuff clothes, shoes and whatever else shows up in my path.

Usually I don't regret it, but occasionally, just sometimes, I'll regret getting rid of something.

And sometimes I'll be so glad I kept something like a jean jacket.

I bought this jean jacket in high school. I wore it with my flared khaki pants (so hot) and a favorite tee. Sometimes I'd spice it up and layer a thin hoodie underneath. (anyone else do that?)

Even though years have passed and I haven't worn it in years... it survived high school graduation, college graduation, getting married and countless closet purges. And I'm so glad.

18-year-old me was real cute, huh?
Do you still have stuff from years ago hiding in your closet? Do you still wear it?

xo, erika

p.s. I love love love my knitted infinity scarf from The Soak Tree. I got it for Christmas and wear it at least twice a week. Knitting/crocheting is crafty thing I have never mastered.


  1. yes I still wear things from many years ago! I love those green pants!

  2. I love my jean jacket, it's as old as your but I bought it in college. Ha! I finally purged one shirt I owned since middle school this past month...I'd wear it under things, but finally parted with it, hope I don't regret it ;-/
    I was wondering about your scarf...I just crochet'd my first one and have been loving it!

  3. Such a cute outfit! I love the brightly colored pants, IDK if I could pull that off!

  4. So cute! I've gone through 2 purges of my jean jackets and still haven't learned! I'm looking for another one ;) Cute pictures! I was watching episode 4 of Downton Abbey and realized that Livinia reminded me of you =) Thankfully your story doesn't have a sad ending though!

  5. How cute are you?!? I love the way you have been styling these pants!!! I am also a purger and I still have a few things left over from high school ((and some even from middle school!)). PS LOVE that scarf!!! :)

  6. Yep, I have a jean jacket that I've had for YEARS. It doesn't fit that great, currently, but I still throw it on with a scarf and make it work. :)

  7. I wish I could fit into my stuff from high school... that's the dream, lol.

  8. i have a jean jacket from high school from the gap and i am so glad i never got rid of it. there are a few sweaters i have purged in the past and wish so bad i still had them

  9. You look so cute! Love the green jeans.


  10. I want some green pants!
    You look adorable!


  11. i definitely wore the khaki pants + t shirt + denim jacket :) wish i had saved mine though! however, i found an inexpensive one at f21, and it is a definite staple in my wardrobe :)


  12. LOVE the green pants! You are just as beautiful in 2005 :) Hope your week is going well! XOXO

  13. Such a cheery outfit! love your yellow bag:)

  14. Can i please, please, please be as cute as you!!?? Love this outfit, it's fantastic!

  15. I'm with Alissa...you are just TOO cute!! Loving the striped shirt with the green jeans!

  16. You look cute at any age. I love your casual outfit. Those minty jeans are great.


  17. same story with my jean jacket! mine is from gap kids like 1990, haha!
    love your green pants- such a cute outfit, esp. with that bag!

  18. I love those pants! Such fun colors out there right now- I want a pair :) And you can never go wrong with a denim jacket! I wish I still had mine! I guess i'll be investing in a new one!


  19. OMG! i love love love your jeans! super cute :)
    and your top is adorable.
    and redheads rule ;P

    ps. im your newest follower :)


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