five things friday & a little sneak peek

happy friday!

what a week chock full of good things.

1. sunshine in Seattle  2. something new i'm making  3. my blog buddy  4. flowers from the husband
  (if you're wondering about number 2-- it's sneak peek of something I'm pretty excited about.)

and of course-- what's a friday and upcoming weekend without some good internet links? I feel like all the blogs I've been reading have been hitting it out of the ball park with their posts. seriously some good stuff out there.

> Handmade Q & A on allorahandmade-- great, great questions to ask yourself if you have a handmade business. (Good questions to ask yourself in general too.)

> Gussy Sews: 5 ways to put your BEST self forward

> fun V-Day printables by the Paper Mama

> a president I could get behind-- Erin of Living from Yellow saying what she would do as prez.

> Julie Ann talking about her business dreams...

> this is from last week but it's SOO worth a read: Gina's post on being yourself as a blogger.

> I've never loved Alice in Wonderland but Shabby Apple's new collection has changed my mind. I love the whimsical styling of it all-- not to mention the dresses. Will someone buy me this or this? (oh husband...)

everyone-- enjoy your weekend. I'm going to sew, watch Downton Abbey and make someone cook for me. What are you up to?

xo, erika


  1. Awe, how's Nezzy doing?! Great links (as always), I enjoyed Gina's post and Erin's cracked me up! So glad you featured her last week, I hadn't stumbled upon her blog yet!
    Have a great weekend. The mister has class, so I'll be kickin it with Sir Milts Alot :)

  2. Your blog buddy is so cute! I need myself a little puppy as soon as possible I'd say. :)

  3. awwww!! What a cute little blog buddy!! ;) And those flowers are so beautiful!!! Your hubby is so sweet!! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!
    PS I have been hearing all about this Downton Abby, what is it about??

  4. Off to check out Gina's post, happy Friday Erika!

  5. The picture of your pup is too precious!
    And the flowers are pretty - good job husband :)

    Happy Friday!

  6. downtown abbey. i think this might be a show i need to watch? i'm undecided.
    also? stoked for your new project!

  7. go hubs! LOVE the flowers and ummm #2 NEEDS to happen this weekend <3

  8. aw, can't wait to move back to WA and get to enjoy those random bits of sunshine! nothing beats them.
    and i just started watching downtown abbey, can't wait to get more into it :)
    xo TJ


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