coffee date friday

I just asked my husband a blog question. I had some design- pretty images to blog about or, I asked him, should I do a coffee date post and blog about my week?

"A coffee date-type post," he told me. "People like to hear about your week."

Is that true? I mean, while I do write this blog mainly for me-- I also like you-- the reader-- to enjoy what you see here. So let me know what you like sometime. Maybe I'll take what you say into consideration... ;)


But today we're having coffee, tomorrow I'll share pretty inspiration.

If you'd like tea, that's fine too-- I have lots of good options in the cupboard. I wish I could take you out to coffee and buy you a muffin too, but it turns out that the IRS man wants some extra money from us this year... so the husband and I are trying to cut back wherever we can.

This week has been long. I've had this minor flu-bug that's left me achy and feeling gross-- not enough to really keep me down but enough where I'm not very happy. I get cranky when I don't feel good-- is anyone else like that?

I have to tell you that I'm feeling so inspired lately-- by a lot of things. I'm continuing to work on a project that I want to share-- but part of me is afraid of failure. What if it's not as good as I think? I know that that's not the way to live life, but sometimes I let those little negative voices get to me.

How's your week? And how's your coffee-- or tea-- or glass of wine? Or beer? (no judgement here! I'm totally a beer girl!)

Despite feeling yucky, I'm feeling oh-so grateful that I have a wonderful husband and family and friends who support me so much. Thanks for reading my blog, running to the fabric store, and responding with encouraging texts. You know who you are and you are awesome.

happy friday all. You know it's my favorite day of the week. Enjoy.

xo, erika

p.s. how i could i forget to share some of my internet favorites?

- i just discovered hellocotton.com It's another good way to read and connect with blogs.
- moorea's post has me convinced that neons are pretty great.
- only leonora could write a post about balancing your time that would make me laugh out loud.
- oh my gosh you can search by color on design-seeds.com! And you can slide a little slider to make the color darker or brighter before you search. there goes hours of my time...


  1. Coffee is one of the finest things in life. It's FANTASTIC!

  2. Coffee, wine, tea & even the occasional beer - make life wonderful ;)
    I like reading about your week and seeing pretty inspiration...so obviously I love coffee talk posts!
    Keep them coming!

    Happy weekend, girl!
    Enjoy it!

  3. I have been drinking A LOT of coffee lately. Like, at LEAST 3 cups a day. AND my boyfriend just brought me some coffee from my favorite Milwaukee coffee shop and that is absolutely delcisiou.

    Happy weekend Erika!

  4. I like the coffee date segment like Jessica said keep them coming!

    Happy Friday! Feel better!

  5. Yes I love these types of posts! And my coffee is amazing ;)

  6. I love coffee date Friday! I read this this morning, but didn't have time to comment. Sorry I've been MIA this week. I'm currently drinking tea, but could go for a glass of wine right now...it's almost 5pm here :) btw I smiled when I read you're a beer girl...me too! and now I sound like a lush. I guess it's just been a long week for me.
    I'm excited about the new project...way to keep building the anticipation!

  7. While I don't drink beer (insert sad face) I love having coffee with you. I think my favorite part is that since we've met in real life I can picture you chatting with me as I read. I'm so sorry you've been feeling under the weather, but I'm excited for your new venture and can't wait to hear all about it. I know it's going to be every bit as incredible as you are. Heart you friend!

  8. I'm quickly becoming a fan of being yourself on a blog. As much fun as it is to post random Pinterest pictures or do a bunch of link-ups, sometimes I think simpler is better. We're all craving community, and one way to get that on a blog is by posting about our days!

    PS: yes I get grumpy when sick also. My kitty cat is pretty understanding though and usually let's me cuddle with her to make myself feel better. ;)

  9. i feel you on the yucky bug thing. we went through it last weekend... while in a foreign country. ugh! hope you feel better and i agree with your husband, totally share about your week!

  10. Hi! Just wanted to sat that i spent way more time than I intended exploring your lovely blog. Stopping over via the blog hop! So nice to meet you!I'm a new follower :)



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