friday coffee date

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hi friends.

if we were on a coffee date, we wouldn't go to starbucks. we probably would sit in my kitchen and the coffee I made you wouldn't look like the photo above. I'd probably just offer you some milk and maybe some sugar, if you would like it.

I'd tell you that I drink coffee every day and that first sip is one of my favorite things ever. I'd tell you that my work has this fancy espresso machine so I usually just drink my coffee there in front of my computer but I relish weekends when I make it at home.

I'd tell you that I am so excited for my blog, for my shop-- that I have so many ideas and a huge project I'm working on, but sometimes I feel like I have so little time. 

I'd also tell you that I feel so grateful that we're talking and that I have people that have been encouraging me. I'd tell you that I am so blessed to have a husband who is one of my biggest cheerleaders.

I'd tell you that I want a clean house but I'm not always sure how to balance everything. Leaning across the table, I'd whisper that my vaccuum doesn't work and hasn't worked for awhile. 

Then I'd feel old and boring because we were talking about vaccuums. So I would ask how you were doing-- what you were excited about. 

We'd probably have a second cup. My dog would beg for attention and I'd have to reach down and scratch his ears. I'd tell you that I never thought I'd be one of those crazy pet parents... but that I probably am one. 

I'd confess some weird things about me-- that I recycle and compost with conviction (so Seattle)-- that my thighs are super sore from working out yesterday-- and that I've been wanting to bake cherry pie. 

So how are you doing? What would you tell me if we had a coffee date? If you blog it-- go link up with Alissa at Rags to Stitches. 

happy, happy Friday friends!

xo, erika


  1. I love this!!! I. Love. This.

    When Jen and I were working a seasonal job, our friends invited us over and those special just sit, sip juice (they didn't have coffee), game and talk nights were such fun.

  2. ALSO! If we had a coffee date, I would tell you that I was feeling good - if a little depressed (for no reason, oddly) but that I was feeling optimistic. I'd brag about how Jango is letting us pet him more and more, he's less afraid of fingers now. I'd tell you that I am IN LOVE with your fashion style and I'd ask for tips on how you keep your hair oh-so-pretty and oh, so much more. <3

  3. You are so cute!! I want to have many, many cups of coffee with you. I want to hear about all the exciting things happening with your shop and ask you for advice about goals and dreams I have for mine that have the chance of possibly becoming a reality this year. I would tell you that I recycle even though it doesn't pay the mortgage and my Papa has a compost pile and I think it's awesome that you do too. I hope you have an amazing rest of your day friend! heart you!

  4. lol. I had no idea what compose is until I moved to Seattle. It's a great idea though.

    Hmmm...there are so many choices for a coffee date. As much as I love Starbucks, I'd probably go somewhere like Ladro.

  5. I would tell you that I'm doing this party for my son's birthday, and part of me is being such a bugger about the details because I want to impress the other moms, but even more of me just wants it to be a really special day for him with the hard time he was having just a few months ago. I'd probably confess that I don't know what to do with my 18 month old who has stopped sleeping through the night, and that I was glad we were at your place, because mine is so trashed.

  6. This has to be one of my favourite posts's.
    So simple, so effective, so sweet and personal.
    It really makes me want to know more! xx

  7. This is the cutest post idea ever.
    I'd love to REALLY have coffee with you because you are the cutest.

    "that my thighs are super sore from working out yesterday-- and that I've been wanting to bake cherry pie. "
    I love the fact that those 2 are total opposites but yet they're right next to each other :)

    YOU have a wonderful weekend, girl!

  8. I so agree with you, there is nothing like that first sip of coffee. I'd love to have coffee with you (I type this as I stat my first cup of the day).

  9. I love making coffee at home on the weekends too. I am usually up first so I enjoy a cup by myself in the quiet and it's so nice!

    "Then I'd feel old and boring because we were talking about vacuums." Cracked me up!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. this just made me so happy!
    I would tell you that Brock's parents go into town last night and we are going to enjoy the whole weekend with his family! Including a night at Qualcomm Stadium watching Supercross (ie. a whole lot of drit bikes riding around a track a billion times ;)
    Then, I'd tell you that it's going to be 75 degrees today and I wish you could come to the beach with me so that we could get tan for Anna's wedding...THEN I would get very excited bc next week is Anna and Johns and i actually do get to see you in real life and not just talk to you over the phone!
    I would end by saying that I am sooo blessed by you and couldnt ask for a better friend xo

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  12. Link please? Where can I link up? This is a great idea for a post!


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