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I am pleased as punch-- tropical punch in fact-- to share with you one of my sponsors and dear blog friends alissa. I love her style, her heart and her bubbly personality. I also have had the joy of meeting her in person and she is as gracious and funny as she appears online.


 Who are you?
I am:
a wife of one, a mom of two.  
someone who can’t start my day without coffee and make it through the day without chocolate
is growing my hair for the first time ever. It’s the longest it’s ever been.
a Mom who loves to snuggle and kiss my children.
A mom who realizes that I need a break from being a mommy sometimes to reconnect with myself and my hubby.
I have a blog and a shop ,and when I'm not blogging or shopping you'll find me soaking up every ounce of time I have with my family. I hope you'll pop by sometime and say hello.

How did your blog and shop get started?
 I started blogging when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I wanted to document our journey so I could someday share it with her. From there the blog grew, as our family grew to a blog about our life, love, journey and faith. My shop started a couple years later. I had taught myself how to sew when I was pregnant and what began as sewing gifts grew into a small business called Rags to Stitches Boutique. Currently you'll find me making Snuggies to keep your favorite electronics warm and snuggly.

You are obviously an accomplished sewer-- how long have you been sewing and what's the hardest thing you've ever sewn?
I would call myself an accomplished sewer per say. hehe But I think the hardest thing I've ever sewn was a dress for myself. I'd share the picture with you but well.... it doesn't fit anymore. hahaha 

What does the "average" day look like for you? (And I know that there are probably no average days for you or anyone!)
Well, you're right, I'd love an "average" day. On a typical day you'll find me snoozing till the last possible moment to savor every extra minute of sleep I can before the morning rush begins. We get up, eat, get ready and we're usually out the door to Disneyland, play dates, preschool, gymnastics, dance or swim lessons. phew and that's all before lunch most days. Then it's home for lunch and nap time. I'm a huge fan of nap time, it's when I get my emails returned, blog posts written and sewing done. Then after naps, we snack, play, make dinner, and get ready for bed. Once bed time rolls around the hubs and I play catch up from our day, work on our computers a little and head to bed. Boy, writing that down sure makes me sound boring huh? haha (nope! not at all!)

If any celebrity could own one of your products-- who would it be, and why?
Ummm I would say Ellen DeGeneres. I love, love, love her and I would pretty much buy any product she endorsed so I'd love it if she'd endorse mine. :)

So I'm considering a swap to Store Envy-- as a Stove Envy shop owner-- sell me on their awesomeness in two sentences. :)
Hmmm, I would tell you that Storenvy is a great online storefront for people who really want to start a handmade business or have a handmade business and are tired of paying all those extra listing and transaction fees. Also, they have amazing customer service, which in my book, is a total plus!!

What is your favorite way to relax? 
I love being pampered. So my idea relaxation day would be a mani/pedi, followed by a massage. Oh and can I have a Starbucks with that? ;) 

Alissa, I would have a Starbucks with you any day-- or any old cup of drip. In fact, speaking of that, Alissa has a Friday post called Coffee Date where she shares about her week-- serious and lighthearted things-- over a virtual cup of coffee. I told her she should make it a linkup... and I'd join in.  Anyone else who wants to follow suit, the more the merrier!

Thanks, Alissa, for sharing! I'm so glad you were over at my little space today.

Connect with Alissa here:

xo, erika

p.s. it's almost FRIDAY! haha I'm excited. :)


  1. Love the laptop snuggies - keeping them in mind for cool gifts for amazing people! Thanks for introducing us to Alissa.

  2. this girl is stunning! she seems like such a great mommy/shop owner/blog author...so cool. thanks for introducing us :)

  3. Awesome interview Erika, I'm off to check out her blog and shop!

  4. Popping over from Alissa's place to say hi! Isn't she the best! ;) I'm saving up for my own Snuggie! :)

  5. Thanks so much for sharing.... this was fun. I'm on my way over to check out Alissa's blog!

  6. She's very cute. I like the fact that she's a mom and super talented.

  7. I didn't realize it's a weekly link up with the coffee dates...but I am so in! Love the idea and will have to do it next week :)


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