what i wore: thrifting

necklace: jessicaNdesigns   top: old navy  sweater: target  jeans: F21  flats: old! nordstrom

if you are a blogger you have "blog friends"

and you have real life friends

and sometimes the two meet.

I met Carina of the blog a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut on Saturday to go to my favorite Goodwill. It's about a half-hour drive for me, but it's SO worth it because it's enormous and affordable.

Carina & I talked family, adopting, blogging, sewing and thrifting. It was a gorgeous Saturday and we had the BEST luck-- including finding anthropologie mugs (with their price tags still on) for $1.99.

I love weekends.

But what I don't love is that my washer decided to stop working. Lately I feel like a lot of appliances have turned against me: my vaccuum hasn't been working, there's something up with the car and now the washer. bleh.

at least with the washer it's an excuse to not do laundry. (my least favorite of all chores.)

why haven't they invented a washing machine that folds too?

xo, erika


  1. how funny is it that I blogged about our outing at the exact same time? and I mentioned the Anthro mugs? It was so much fun... thanks for showing me the best Goodwill of all time. :)

  2. that outfit is so cute! Love the belt of the sweater. yeah for Goodwill finds!

  3. So excited you've made true blogger friends! Absolutely adore the outfit too. That's probably the cutest sweater ever. :)

  4. The color of that cardigan is PERFECT. Looks good on you :)
    And yay for blog friends becoming real life friends. So fun!
    When you find a washer that folds laundry - hit me up because I'm a laundry hater, toooo!

    Side note: I love that dresser in the background!

    Happy Monday, girl!

  5. bahaha!! I wish that the washing machine also folds!!! That would be awesome!!! I love this outfit and I too have found some Anthro mugs at the thrift stores for a buck or two!!! :) HAve an awesome day Miss!!

  6. A washing machine that folds would be all sorts of awesome. Yes please.

  7. just found your blog from the giveaway! and cute outfit!


  8. Love the outfit! Wouldn't that be nice, a washer or dryer that folds! Would save so much time!
    Happy Monday!

  9. you look gorgeous! i love that dresser too :)

  10. So nice to meet other bloggers who share same interests.

    Love your outfit.


  11. Beautiful! I love that sweater!! Meeting other bloggers is so exciting. How fun that you ladies got to hang out together.


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