crossing off my thrift list

I posted about my thrift list in November and I'm happy to say that after months of searching, I've picked up both two silky blouses (one in off-white and one in turquoise) and my big win, a denim button-up.

I had almost given up hopes on the denim shirt. Urban Outfitters was tempting me with their version and someone at work picked one up at Forever 21.

And then I received the anthropologie catalog which teased me more with a photo of a girl rocking a denim shirt on the cover. I almost bolted for the mall right then and there.

But I was bound and determined, which paid off when I picked up a denim button up Saturday for $3.99. I'm pretty dang proud of myself and finding it in the rack of clothes at the St. Vincent de Paul's was so satisfactory after the months of hunting -- I may have jumped up and down. 

My first time wearing it, I had to take a little bit of inspiration from anthropologie.

anthropologie's styling

 top: $88  skirt: $148  shoes: $198

and my styling...

top: thrifted, $3.99  skirt: Nordstrom, $24  boots: $80 two years ago, Nordstrom

Now I just have to find the thrifted version of those gorgeous shoes. That may be harder.

xo, erika

p.s. I love seeing an outfit idea and making my own version of it. Do you guys do this? If so-- I'd love to see it and feature it here!
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  1. Not thrifted, but here's a pair that's darn close for less than a quarter of anthro's price:


  2. Love the shirt! I've wanted one for awhile now too.

  3. What a great find! I really admire your thrift store dedication. I love to go, but I don't go often enough. Last summer I was inspired by an outfit that also included a denim shirt (love love love mine). Right here, in fact: http://jenericgeneration.blogspot.com/2011/08/color-inspiration.html

  4. I don't do that - but what a great way to get more inspired about my wardrobe and maybe stepping out of my comfort zone! this is super cute!

  5. What an awesome outfit + find Erika!!! I love the denim top!!! I hope to find one too that I love!! And your skirt is SO pretty!!! Perhaps I should add that to my To-Thrift list too!! ;)

  6. Now I need a denim shirt after seeing you & your cuteness!

  7. I also recently found a vintage denim shirt with pearl snap buttons! I love it! I will have to try it with a skirt! Love this outfit! What a great find!

  8. i have those boots! love them! mine are so worn out, but i still consider them one of my favorites :) i love your maxi skirt with the denim top!!

  9. What size shoe do you wear? I've been passing some awesome ones thrifting!! I could always send something your way if I find some! Adorable outfit!

  10. so worth the wait! that shirt was just waiting for you. adorable.


  11. love your styling girl and how you were inspired by anthro! :)

  12. This is my favorite outfit to date. You need to be a model...seriously you are gorgeous!

  13. Oh my gawd! I love this outfit!! So pretty!!

  14. You know what, this gave me the best idea ever... we should start a blogger thrift swap. I feel like I see silk blouses all the time that I don't need and everyone could just get and swap things instead of just heading over to the mall. Anyway, fantastic job waiting out on the top- I always love hearing things like this since I always try to do this myself. You look so adorable, great styling & your hair is so pretty too!

  15. That is such a good idea! Honestly, I like your styling better. <3


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