chop suey

 blouse: thrifted  // belt: no idea  //  jeans : Gap  // shoes: Wanted

Did you know that chop suey means odds and ends in Chinese?

So that is what this post about... odds and ends... and a random craving for Chinese food. (However, I do prefer Thai food to Chinese food-- jus' saying.)

Do you guys plan your outfits in the morning or at night? This girl here is NOT a morning person. Actually, for the longest time, the husband thought I was mad at him every morning... then he just realized I'm just "not friendly" in the morning.

It's not that I'm not friendly-- I just can't speak before I've had some time to adjust to being vertical rather than horizontal. (Coffee speeds up the process.)

Anyway, this means I lay my clothes out at night. Or plan my outfit at night. Honestly, and we're being real honest here, I get a nerdy sort of pleasure of staring at my closet, imagining outfits before bed.

Luckily the husband lays out clothes too so he doesn't think I'm too weird -- but usually that just means he lays out running clothes and a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. The husband wears the same thing everyday, (which is another post for another day.)

This morning I put on the outfit I had planned but then I second-guessed the belt.

Bright red? Really? Does it work?

And I decided yes, yes it does work. It makes me happy and if it makes me happy, it works.

Also -- random confession -- sometimes I tuck my shirt into the waistpant of my underwear so it doesn't creep up on me. I find it to be a much more secure tucking-in option. My mom taught it to me. And I'm sure some of you guys do it too -- but you wouldn't admit that on the Internet, would you?

happy friday friends.

xo, erika


  1. I like this blue on blue outfit. Hmm...I am also craving Chinese food. Just had it yesterday. Now I want more. And no, I am also not a morning person.

  2. You look so darling in this! I actually LOVE that red belt. Also, I was never taught about the tuck-in underwear trick, but it's brilliant! :o

  3. I love your nail colour here! I am soo not a morning person so should definitely follow your lead and plan my outfits the night before!

    Sarah x


  4. Love the red belt! And tucking into underwear is genius :)

  5. So lovely! Absolutely love it! x

  6. Hahahah I'm the same ways in the morning. Thankfully my boyfriend already knows what to expect and thankfully my job has a uniform and I don't have to work too hard in the mornings to get dressed.

  7. hahaha, I never intentionally tuck my shirt into my unders, but now I might try it! My shirt NEVER stays tucked! Love the red belt too :)

  8. I plan my outfit at night but tend to not grab it until morning, which sometimes leads to me forgetting things overnight! I'm not much of a morning girl either, but my husband showers first so it gives me a little time to put things together! I love your red belt!

  9. you look adorable, of course! and i hear you on the morning thing. and the thai food :)

  10. wouh nice blog i foloow you now via google member j adore the blouse sweetie xoxo from france

  11. your hair and that blue are like perfect for each other :) and good choice on the belt!


  12. I usually plan my outfits the day of... but it really depends on if I work or not.

    I have to say, I'm glad you went with the red belt, it looks good!

  13. LOL i am NOT a morning person, either.... my husband is happy if he gets a head nod before he walks out the door (i go to work way later than him!)

  14. So cute! Have a great weekend girl!

  15. You look so lovely and cute. and your hair is a gorgeous colour! Hope you're having a good weekend! x

  16. chop suey means odds and ends?! huh. ya learn something every day.
    also, we are TWINZ. i lay out my clothes because this homegirl loves her sleep.

  17. First that outfit is fab! I love the bright red belt against the bright blue shirt (which btw is an amazing blue)!! As for clothes in the morning vs night. Usually I have an idea of what I want to wear the next day but i have such a fickle mind and can change my mind half a dozen times before realizing I'm running late and just have to pick something! I wish I could pick out clothes the night before. Would give me more time in the morning for sure. Haha.

  18. Hehe...I am not a morning person. My poor husband thinks I'm mad at him, and I'm not...just mad at mornings. ;)

    Love your outfit! The belt totally works.


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