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Today I'm introducing my new friend Megan (and fellow redhead!) from Happy the Home who blogs about life with her husband in Georgia and often shares delicious recipes. I've never been to the South so I was excited to hear about what it's like to live in her town:

I’m Megan.  The beautiful state of Georgia holds my roots.  My sweet husband Ty holds my heart.  My savior Jesus holds my yesterdays, today, and tomorrows. I am planner, a list maker, a bargain hunter, and lover of family, children, hot tea, reading, and sunshine. You can find me here.

Where do you live?
I live in the lovely state of Georgia. I truly love it here…and cannot think of any other place I would rather live. I live just 30 minutes north of the capital, Atlanta.

My hometown is Woodstock. Although I grew up all over north Atlanta. Downtown Woodstock is cute and fun; a combination of antique shops, an old ace hardware, new loft apartments and young hotspots. The city of Woodstock exudes southern charm and the simple life while combining it with modern elements.

 How do you spot a local?
Well, it is the south. College football apparently for a lot of locals is a way of life. Not really in our home, but in those surrounding (to each his own.) so if they are wearing red and black…they are a University of Georgia (and they are die hard fans) and if it is black and yellow they are Georgia Tech fan. Then you also have the local high school mascots and team colors that you learn to recognize. it is also braves country, so people have to represent that Atlanta “A”!
 Where, in your opinion, is the best local place to eat?
 It is a toss up between pure taqueria which serves fresh authentic Mexican food (seriously their guacamole and sangria are a-mazing) and The Right Wing Tavern (yes, you read that right.) the right wing tavern is located in downtown Woodstock’s historic train depot. Though when seeing its name you might find it controversial, it is actual very laid back while poking fun at the crazy world of American politics.

 One of the cool things about the menu at the right wing tavern is that the menu items are named after right wing politicians of past and present as well as including previous first ladies as names of salads. My favorite thing to order is B.L.F.G. sandwich which includes bacon, lettuce, and a fried green tomato with sweet tomato chutney and Creole ranch on white toast along with their fabulous fried pickles. You might be thinking greasy…but it is far from greasy. Soooo good!

Where do locals hang out?
 It depends on the time of year (or sport season). During the warm months (march-mid November) locals are at sporting events all over the place. Baseball parks, tennis courts, and soccer fields. the city of Woodstock has many festivals as well as concerts in the park throughout the spring and summer. the summer concert series kicks off on may 14th with Edwin McCain (the guy who sings “I’ll Be”.)

During the winter months (if we are lucky it is just decemeber-feb.) locals hangout at local coffee shops as well as the local Starbucks and caribou. And at home all huddled up because we are chickens when it comes to snow and ice.

Why do you love being a local in your hometown?
 It is where I learned to ride a bike. It is where we attend the fourth of July parade every year. Its where Ty and I fell in love. It’s where I was hired for my first job (yikes!) It’s where I know all the street names and where they end up. It’s where I learned to drive and where I graduated high school. It’s where I want to open my (dream) bakery. It’s a town filled with memories, hopes, and dreams. It’s home.

Isn't Megan great? Go check out her blog and if you're ever in Woodstock, stop by The Right Wing Tavern for some yummy food. :)

Link up with your own hometown story or share it with me at rougeandwhimsy [at] gmail [dot] com.


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