V.P. & CFO

I just realized that I have been unfair.
Here I am just blogging and blabbing away without introducing two very important members of the Rouge & Whimsy team.

While I am designer, creater, blogger and crafter-supreme, I also rely on my very helpful and supportive Vice-President of Operations. My husband Evan was recently hired to take on this role and while he can not sew, create custom hair accessories and I don't let him blog here (yet), he is excellent at running to the post office at a moments notice (when I am too lazy swamped to mail an order out.) He also provides daily commentary and support, as well as takes the occasional photo.

And then there's CFO Nesby. While I wish he'd handle finances as Chief Financial Officer, he keeps me on my toes as Crazy Freak Officer by eating craft supplies (he has a penchant for feathers), demanding walks and getting the puppy crazies and running through the house. 
Both play significant roles in my business and I'm not sure where I'd be without them.

(well I may have a few more feathers-- but that's not important, is it?)

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  1. Aww this is a sweet post! Your dog is tooooooooo cute!! hehe bummer about him eating feathers though! ;)


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