suffer for beauty

Suffer for beauty.

Did anyone ever tell you that growing up?
I had an aunt who would pull my hair back so tight that my eyebrows stretched to my hairline, giving me a perpetually surprised look. If I had the audacity to complain, she would simply tell me, "Erika, didn't you know? You must suffer for beauty."

I generally don't like to follow this mantra but yesterday I did it by accident.  See I splurged on these cute high-waisted trousers but they require heels. So I wore my (semi-new) cute nude patent heels (thank you Marshalls) to work.

a torture device innocently disguised as the perfect nude pump.
Honestly I think my feet grew. Or the sexy little suckers shrunk. I now am the proud owner of four nasty blisters-- the kind that throb with a heartbeat all their own. I'd take pictures to show you but, well, I'd like to encourage the use of your imagination. 

It didn't help that I hoofed it several blocks to meet with a potential custom accessory client. She was sweet and well-worth it but by the time I got back to the day job the dogs were not just barking. They were all-out howling.

So much for beauty. I'm pretty sure it's not beautiful, no matter how cute your shoes are, to limp to the bus stop. 

I'm not sure I'm at the Working Girl phase yet (wearing tennis shoes with the work outfit while commuting) but there has got to be a better option.

Anyone have suggestions for comfy but CUTE high heels? 


  1. Ouch for the blisters! That's no fun! Unfortunately the only heels I've ever had that were actually comfortable for more than an hour (while doing something other than standing in place) were so open they were basically sandals... or I had suffered through blisters enough times to "break them in." If you find any super comfy ones, let me know! :)

  2. I'm a dansko sandal girl for height and comfort. For style I suffer and attempt to wear fancy stylish shoes-and that only for weddings ;). Otherwise I stick to chacos for running around. Glad I don't have to wear heels everyday!

  3. Ouch!

    My saying is "fashion over comfort." It makes my brother laugh but it's true. :)

    I bought a pair of very high heels a few months ago. They do kill my feet but they are relatively comfortable [THAT is an oxymoron]. I guess I mean that I haven't gotten any blisters. They're just tight on my feet because I'd rather have very high heels stay on my feet rather than continually slide off.

    The brand is Sofft. The shoes were expensive [$90] but so worth it!


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