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Welcome to number three in my April series, Live Like a Local. Last week we toured Osaka with Louana, the week before was a journey to Georgia with Megan

This week I'd like to introduce you to Virginia of Geeky & Sassy. Virginia is a friend I met through Indie Biz and not only is she friendly and encouraging but she has an adorable fresh shop with unique pillows--check it out!

Introduce yourself in a sentence or two (blog, shop, etc):
I'm a wife, mom of two, new etsy shop owner and maker of pillows and home decor fun.  I'm crazy clutsy (I fell down the library stairs at my university and never lived it down) and love to run, hike, drink coffee and eat chocolate.  
Where do you live? 
I live in Muskegon, Michigan....I've lived most of my years between here and Grand Haven, with a few in Nashville, TN  I grew up just south of here in Grand Haven, but moved when I got married.  Muskegon is an old lumbering town with a lot of history.  My Grandma would tell me stories of downtown theatres and shopping during the depression.  Downtown "Ski-town" has been working hard to make it "the place to be" like the other lake towns.  It's been a struggle, but a lot of people have been investing a lot of time and money and it's coming back slowly.  My husband and I actually got married in the downtown theatre on a Sunday afternoon (my church met in a high school at the time and I wasn't up for that ;-)

How do you spot a local?
In the summer locals are on bike, walking and not sunburned. (Tourists seem to think that the Lake Michigan beach's sun isn't as strong)  In the winter they're the ones driving by the out of state cars in the ditch.  

Where, in your opinion, is the best local place to eat? 
Bernie O's Pizza - he's famous for his Twist pizza.  Ah-maz-ing.  Really!  I'd get it shipped if I moved away again!  It's got garlic, ranch, cheese, chicken, bacon, jalapenos, yellow peppers and pineapple.  It sounds disgusting I know, but it's so not!
The Cheese Lady (pictured above) is a fun shopping experience and she has cheeses from all over the world.  She lets you try them and it's a fun time to stand there and pick out different ones.  It's really an experience!

Where do locals hangout?
It's hard to say, because we really do have the 4 seasons.  In the summer I would say walking the boardwalk by the lake, farmer's market, wandering downtown, going to the beach.   In the winter it would be the outdoors sports complex with ice hockey, a luge, cross country skiing or the mall to get away from the snow.  In the fall people like to head to the farms with pumpkin patches, apple cider and donuts.  
Why do you love being a local in your hometown?
Definitely the beach.  I take it for granted.  I can drive by one of the world's largest fresh water lakes everyday.  Coffee, a good book and sunshine at the lake, or kayaking with my hubby.

Thanks for sharing Virginia! I love cheese and visiting of The Cheese Lady sounds like fun!
Link up with your own hometown story or share it with me at rougeandwhimsy [at] gmail [dot] com.


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  1. i am not going to lie that pizza sounds good! now i am crazing pizza!

    and how awesome that you got have your wedding at the theater!

    thank you for sharing virginia. and thank you erika for posting!


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