saturday snapshot (take 3)

so in college the husband and I were really into Halloween.

Let me take that back.

In college, I was into Halloween and made the husband play along.

(he's a good sport.)

One year we were scouts: (those are legit uniforms by the way, borrowed from family & friends.)

Then the following year we were a punk rock duo.

And the husband let me put eye liner on him! (I think it was a one-off deal...)

Linking to Kim for Saturday Snapshot. :)


  1. Your scout costumes are so cute! I hope the eyeliner was a one time deal, guys in eyeliner are freaky. :)

  2. Love the punk rock outfits you guys fit the parts well :)

  3. Hahaha these photos are hilarious! Love the girl & boy scout costumes, too funny. (And it's interesting how different the uniforms are in Canada! I should post some photos of me back in the day just to show everyone how different it is!)

    I don't think I could ever get my boyfriend to let me put eyeliner on him! Haha. (Unless he was deeeeeeep asleep!)


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