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Today's local tour guide comes from Louana, a crafty lady who makes the cutest little felt buddies.  

Introduce yourself in a sentence or two (blog, shop, etc):
Hi, I’m Louana and I write about my life on the Loulogue a blog I started to easily keep my friends and family up to date about my daily adventures. I have a little Etsy shop called eleventh monkey, where I sell my handmade felt plush of awkward-looking but still kind of cute animals. I also started an eleventh monkey blog this year, where I blog about my creatures and creative inspiration.
Where do you live? 
I’m a Dutchie who moved to San Francisco last summer. But I’m not going going to talk about San Francisco or Eindhoven, my hometown in the Netherlands, instead I’m going to focus on Osaka, Japan! I lived in Japan for more than three years (I have a Japanese husband), and right now I feel like I know Osaka much better than I know San Francisco or Eindhoven. I still miss Osaka terribly so I’ll just have now pretending like I still live there!

How do you spot a local?
Ehm, I guess it would be easier to ask how do you spot a non-local. That’s most foreigners, only 1.5% of the population is not Japanese, and they’re easy to spot. And perhaps people walking around looking up at things and taking pictures? But then again even the local Japanese take pictures with their advanced cell phones of anything and everything. The easiest way to recognize a local would be when they’re speaking because the Osakans speak a specific dialect, but I don’t speak Japanese so that wouldn’t work for me.

Where, in your opinion, is the best local place to eat? 
Oh, very difficult questions, because there are just too many good restaurants, just in the tiny area around my train station I have about ten favorites. It’s one of the things I miss most about Japan, the delicious, cheap and easy to get food! But let’s see, if I were to be back in Osaka for just one day, I know exactly what I would eat that day and where:

Akashiyaki for breakfast at Chakoya - A tiny restaurant on some corner downtown that sells mainly sells takoyaki (octopus balls). These particular balls are made of egg batter with boiled octopus inside, which you dip in thin fish broth before you eat it.
Kaitenzushi for lunch at Kurazushi - A cheap sushi-go-round chain restaurant with the best and freshest nigiri zushi around! My favorites toppings are salmon-onion-mayo, tuna-mayo and egg. They also sell tasty udon noodles and steamed egg custard.
Yakiniku teishoku for dinner at Miyamoto Munashi - Another cheap chain restaurant that you can find anywhere in Osaka, with the best and quickest meals. You select and pay for your meal at a vending machine and it produces a ticket that you give to the waitress. Soon she’ll bring you your meal with the best sidedishes ever; misosoup, pickles, salad, fried fish cake, barley tea and of course white Japanese rice. I love this Korean barbecue meal, but I might just have to buy their grilled mackerel meal to take back with me to San Francisco. 
Where do locals hangout?
Osaka houses almost 3 million people, and they hang out everywhere. It takes a while to get used to the crowds. But most of the time locals hang out at their offices, because people work way too much in Japan. They start in the early morning, and stay until late night, and way too many of them also work on Saturdays and some even on Sundays. And when they’re finally done with work they’re on the train (asleep) on their way back home.
Why do love being a local in your hometown?
Because Osaka is an exciting city with the best food and people in the world. Other things that I really love about Osaka and Japan is that it is so safe (I have no problem walking around the city by myself at midnight) and clean (streets, public transportation, restaurants, cafes, people). I love knowing where everything is and how to get there, it always takes a while to get to know a city and its inner maze well, and I miss knowing where to go when I need or want something here in San Francisco.
 Thanks Louana for sharing! I've never been to Japan but your answers make me want to go there-- and eat great food! :)

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  1. Thanks for featuring me and my beloved Osaka!!! And my own pictures are making me hungry...


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