what i love wednesday [#1]

I'm linking up with Krystina of lollipops cards for What I Love Wednesday.

To be honest, I've been thinking about what I love a l l week long...


1. Zumba. It's cheesy and trendy but I love it. I'm taking it with two good friends and we have a good time giving it our all... much to the embarrassment of some people around us.

2. Chevron stripes. In particular this sunshine-y yellow chevron stripe card from Ms. Krystina herself! Chevron stripes are everywhere and this little notecard is a perfect example of it. 

3. Daffodils. Honestly, these little bright flowers are the only sign of spring I can see in my hometown. It has been bitterly cold and windy and although it's sunny, I'm so tired of wearing layer upon layers. (These little guys popped up in my backyard-- a little surprise from our home's previous owner.)

4. California! I'm sitting in the airport while I type this on my way to California to be in my cousin's wedding! Bacherlorette party Thursday, rehearsal Friday, and the big day on Saturday! I can not wait.


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  1. thank you Erika ;)
    and i think i need some zumba!


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