lessons in self confidence

tee: out of print books // blouse: F21  // jeans: gap  // booties: Wanted shoes

This month -- only a six days in -- I'm learning self confidence.

The purses I'm starting to sell are more than just pretty things to fill my shop with, they're a big part of me. They're sewed from a pattern I designed, with color schemes I thought of. I taught myself to sew them and made some pretty awful prottypes along the way.

And when I decided they were ready to sell -- I started second-guessing me and all my work.

Though I may come off as confident, it's an act. I am a person who worries a lot, especially about what others think of me. Putting something like this out there made me worry a lot about what others would think of me.

I am lucky to have people who believed in me despite it all. And I felt so good to see that people liked my work when it launched yesterday. Granted, I should not do things just to get praise from others, but it made me feel good and I'm not going to deny that! :)

I set out to to make something a little different, something unique -- from me -- that I loved and was proud to make. Thank you all for reading my silly little blog and tweets and for supporting me in this new endeavor. You have given me such a lovely dose of self-confidence.

And my prayer is that you too will find a place or someone that gives you that dose of self-confidence every so often.

You can still enter to win $25 off a bag of your choice here. And 10 percent off with the code "launch" at the etsy and storenvy shop. expect new color options and designs in the coming months! and if you have a dream color combo -- let me know in the comments!

xo, erika


  1. I like the message of your post. Just believe in yourself.

  2. Be strong! The bags are absolutely precious!

  3. You and I are alike in that way... I worry a lot about what others think of me.

    Just wanted to say I think your bags are awesome and I'm happy you went ahead with putting them in your shop.

  4. i love you.
    that should be enough hahaha. ;)
    but seriously, you are so amazing and what matters is what GOD thinks of you. us humans have such skewed views of ourselves and others. so believe the one opinion that matters!

  5. You are so awesome Erika!!! I think everything you create is wonderful and I am so proud of you!! It is really hard to put a product out to sell. You feel like you are selling a little piece of yourself and you hope that everyone love it, thus you!! That is how I feel when I sell my little bits and pieces!!

  6. I couldn't be happier for this new venture! You are going to ROCK IT girl!

  7. great post! a lot of people struggle with this-myself included. I agree with what Sarah-Anne said- try to please God and not mere men!

  8. your bags are soo precious and soo glad that they represent YOU! :D

  9. what a brave post! happy for you that you're finding that self-confidence and making things you truly love. :)

  10. we all struggle w/ this one. taking risks is a challenge for sure and I totally relate. I'm so encouraged by your words and going for it with your new line!

  11. That's a really fun bright bag! Love the way you've knotted your shirt over that cute tee (I've been dying to get one of the old book tees for ages, they are so nifty).

    <3 cambria

  12. Love your new designs. If I wasn't already in possession of approximately 40 excess bags I would definitely purchase! Plus you wear it so well.

  13. Just found your blog and excited to follow along! :) Hope you stop by!! :)

  14. Saw your button on Mr. Taylor & his Lady.... you have an awesome blog! New follower :)


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