diy: neon chain necklace

How horrible is it that while I'm writing this blog post all that runs through my head is "it's off the chain..."

Send help.

But before that, try out this super simple DIY to make your own neon chain necklace. I saw the pricey version at J Crew but thought that with some supplies I could recreate it on my own.

 supplies: paint (i bought cheap-o acrylic stuff at JoAnns), foam brushes, gold chain, gold jump rings, nail polish remover, clear nail polish

 1. To create a gold chain necklace, use pliers to open a large gold jump ring and hook both ends of the chain to it. Use pliers to close the ring. I ended up putting three jump rings at the back of the necklace but one will work fine.
 2. paint! You could do a pattern, multiple colors, get creative!
 3. after it dries, you can use a q-tip soaked in nail polish remover to clean up any boo-boos you have. (I'm sure yours will look better than mine.) At this point you can also brush clear nail polish to seal the paint, but I don't think this step is necessary. :)
 4. rock your new neon necklace-- preferrably at J Crew so you can show off just how diy-awesome and thrifty you are. ;)

xo, erika

p.s. once it gets nice I may just spray paint a few chain necklaces completely. I'm thinking orange.


  1. Yes, yes, yes! This is so cute!!! And so simple. I love turning something uber expensive into something very affordable!!!

  2. Ah! I love it so much! Definitely saving this link!

  3. Great idea!! I am going to try this one!

  4. yes please!!!
    these are amazing! i love the pink one the most!!! i HAVE to make some now. omgosh! love love love

  5. This is such a creative and great idea...I so want to try this (way better than buying $$$ J. Crew)! Love the hot pink one styled with your blazer, so classy but funky and fun!

    <3 Cambria

  6. you're off the chain! love the idea and making your own version of J Crew necklaces. One of my bridesmaids actually made chunky pearl necklaces like J Crew had 2 years ago...she even bought one and then returned it!

  7. erika! i love this! i totally have to try it! where did you get the gold chain?

  8. Love this diy! I found you through HelloCotton and became a follower through Google Friend Connect.

    - Katie

  9. What a CUTE idea! You are amazing :)

  10. Great job!!! LOVE IT!


  11. Love this idea. I cannot wait to try it!!!! I did a similar DIY here with earrings and nail polish. Please check it out:


    I'm your new follower on Hellocotton and twitter. {Pure Excitement} So glad I found your blog. Cannot wait to check back


  12. I am obsessed ... with you, your blog, your diy crafts — basically the whole shebang! I just found your site but I'm bookmarking it for sure!


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