friday finds & favorites (and an old reference)

is it still cool to reference Rebecca Black... and time to get down Friday?

or does that make me a little uncool?

hm. I'm guess I'm just really thankful it's Friday.

here are the things I've gathered up from the internets that I love.

 - cilantro lime hummus. like for reals. so delish. I should know, I made it. 

 - modcloth stop tempting me with your cute dresses like this one.

- this bracelet from tovicorrie. heck their whole shop of lovely handpainted leather! so unique!
 - this photo from sincerely kinsey. gah. can i be in that picture? (esp cuz it's raining here.)

 - you know I should wear this outfit on sequins and sprinkles next time it rains... like tomorrow.

and some text-y links:
- Baby Baker Love has the cutest love story on her blog -- I love stick figures.

-  a good reminder about finding joy in little things from Here's to You Mrs. Robinson

- and apparently I run out of rooms when I get an idea. True story, I am a little scatterbrained.

- wanna sponsor me? I have one XL spot open and a few mediums!

hey if you want to play along, that would be fun! share your link in the comments! :)

xo, erika

p.s. just had the best idea. I am going to name my daughter Friday. Honestly-- it's a cute name, and I love Fridays so much-- why not? <-- if you have reasons you can share in the comments.


  1. I like the selections of links and photos. :)
    Hehe, it really is a good name. And she'd always have a reason to throw a celebration on Friday's, it would be like every Friday is her special day. :)

  2. Oooh that Modcloth dress is CUTE! Happy FRIDAY lady ;-)

  3. eeep!! I LOVE that modcloth dress!! And I wish I were in that photo by sincerely kinsey too!! So pretty. I hope you have a wonderful Friday love!! xoxo

  4. i love your friday finds and favorites posts! and thanks for the shout-out! my husband is a wickedly talented stick figure maker ;)

  5. Funny you say that...my parents love Fridays so much, they named their dog Friday. It was weird at first, but not so much anymore.

    Happy Friday Erika!!!

  6. yum! that cilantro lime hummus sounds awesome! and the bread in her bike basket looks delish...yeah, I love food!
    happy weekend :)

  7. so you know that modcloth dress? well they have a shirt in that print at forever and when i saw it i knew i had to have it. except in the stores they only had a large and i contemplated still purchasing it but that's not my size and i didn't want to go thru all the alteration hassles, so then i decided to just order it online, and so i did! i am waiting for it to arrive and can't wait!! the sailboats are just too cute!!

  8. That bracelet is gorgeous! And I know how you feel about that dress, I've been so tempted to just buy it for the last few days.

    xo, Megan


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