5 beauty basics from Jenna the wife

 I am so excited to introduce you to a fellow redhead and gorgeous lady (inside & out). She is a beauty maven/all-around rock star so I asked her share some of her fav beauty products with you! enjoy!


Hello there all you lovely Rouge & Whimsy readers! I am beyond excited to be guest posting today for Miss Erika! I had the amazing opportunity to meet her a couple of weeks ago, and can I just say... WOW? I mean, that girl is STYLIN', CUTE AND FUNNY TO BOOT!! Have you noticed? She might be the funniest redheaded-Washingtonian-crafty-little-fox I've ever met! So a little intro is in order, I suppose. I'm Jenna, and I blog/ramble over at The Life of the Wife. I talk about LOTS of things--from my life, to my baby, to beauty, fashion & some DIY's. You know what they say, "A jack of all trades..master of none"--yup, that's moi! :)
Yes sir, a little crazy, that's ME :)
I do a series at my blog called "Beauty Q&A" which I am super excited about!! 
I get to share my makeup-artist knowledge with YOU ALL! 
Today, I want to talk about what's in my BEAUTY BAG! These are my must haves, my go-to's, my ABSOLUTE necessities that I carry in my purse at ALL TIMES! You just never know when you're going to need, say, a bright shade of lipstick if the occasion calls for it, right? 

1. Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15. This stuff does WONDERS for my dry, cracked lips in Winter. I have probably 5 tins of this at any one time. Obsessed much?
2. Maybelline The Falsies Mascara. If you are a reader of mine, I think you get the point by now. I have never ever found a mascara that I have been so enamored with (and I've tried ALOT). AMAZE-balls. Yup.
3. Stila Convertible Color (Petunia). I use this on my cheeks after a long day, or on my lips for that POP of color. It's matte and stays on really well throughout the night.
4. Suave Dry Shampoo (comes in travel-size also). **I think Erika used some of this in AZ so I know she likes it too :)** I will never EVER go back to expensive Dry Shampoos. This is THE ONE! It takes the grease out of my hair, and boy do I get greasy hair! And it smells fantastic too!
5. Trish McEvoy Luxe Balm. You will NEVER find me without this. I use it on my dry cuticles, my chapped lips AND on my face for a little glow. Love. This. Stuff.
6. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil. This is one pencil eyeliner that STAYS PUT. If you are working all day, or a Mama-on-the-go, this is a MUST. It glides on easy, and doesn't move all day. For a pencil eyeliner-that is pretty amazing!

So there you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed it!

 A BIG THANKS again to Erika for letting me crash your blog for a day! I hope you guys will wander on over to my blog and say hi! I love new readers!

:) Jenna, The Wife


  1. She is so fun! LOVE you red heads :)

  2. Jenna, you got me hooked on The Falsies!! Love the scoop brush.

  3. Hopped over from Jenna's blog! Love this guest post!

  4. another awesome redhead!

    i love that dry shampoo! it does smell oh so good!
    and i am also on the market for a new mascara so i might just try that one out!

    thanks for sharing!

    happy monday!

  5. Ohhh thanks for sharing! I need to try a few new things lol


  6. I am so lucky to have met you both! Your awesome!

  7. Great suggestions! Adding a couple of those to my shopping list...

  8. I love you redheads!!! And I'm obsessed with Stila's Convertible Color in Petunia! Yeahhhh!


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