the best sign of spring

The best sign of spring is not the sole daffodil in my front yard struggling to survive or a new cute dress. And it's especially not good weather, because currently it's 42 degrees in Seattle.

No, the best sign of spring is that my neighbor's goats had babies.

Two little kids, actually. That's the technical name for baby goats.

Adorable, right?

And if you're wondering, yes I do live in Seattle city limits. My house is only about 7 miles north of downtown. But for whatever reason my little neighborhood is part farm. These little cuties are just a piece of it.

xo, erika

p.s. I'm working on the husband. I think we need goats too.

or an alpaca.


  1. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Get some sheeep!! ;) hahaha.

  2. I have wanted a goat for forever!! It's name will be lucky!

  3. that is so funny! they are adorable! I actually have a friend who wants goats too and she has their names picked out and everything!

  4. I love, love, love goats. They are seriously one of my favorite animals and these little guys are PRECIOUS!!! Eep!!!

  5. HOW CUTE! :) Miss you! Hope everything is going well girly! :)

  6. Your neighbors have goats?!?! I really need to come to Seattle.

  7. My friend's neighbour has chickens but they're noisy and kind of smell. Hope goats are quieter and less pungent. At our place we have deer. Drives the dog nuts sniffing when we let her out in the morning!

  8. Glad to know im not the only house that has one sole daffodil in the front garden :p
    And yes those kids are cute...


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