Vloggin' it Yellow Heart Art style

sooo what did you do last night?

I decided to make a fool of myself, cuz what else would you do at 10:30 on a Wednesday night?

That's what I thought.

Basically, I love Leonora of Yellow Heart Art's rockin' vlogs and so after some Twitter back and forth-- Illene of Much Love Illy and I said we'd make a lip-sync vlog too and join up in her vlog dance partaaay.


So I did.

All I can say is enjoy. And I hope I don't scare you off too much.


Also does anyone else get weirded out when they watch themselves on video?

And the husband watched it and his only comment?

"The music is off. If it matched up it would be really good."

Aw, thanks honey! And yeah, there were technical difficulties GALORE last night. just an fyi


  1. Erika! You have way more guts than me! Too cute! I loved it!! You are so super cute!

  2. LOVE it. It has been SO long since I heard that song. ;] I like yo' style.

  3. You are too funny...I could never do it...way to go. I really don't think it's out of sync at all :) Thanks for adding some smiles to my day!

  4. love it! i'm so glad you picked this song because if i did it i would totally do a boy band (nsync though) and thought i was the only one who still rocks out to those guys (now and again)! :)

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  6. bahahah - i love it!!!!! you are amazing - and the classes are sooooo cool, yo!!!

    i am still super annoyed and bummed that my video wouldn't load. :(

  7. Girl, you have way more guts that I'll ever have! :) You rocked it!


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