the importance of taking breaks

After Christmas, I was burnt out. 

I could not look at my sewing machine. I was exhausted by everything and had no creativity. I wanted to disappear from it all-- from my blog, from my shop, my day job -- from everything.

Originally, I planned to close my shop just through New Years, but when January 1st rolled around, I wasn't ready. I couldn't make myself reopen or do anything, really.

I started a new position at work and I decided that rather than push myself, I was going to keep the shop closed through January. I'm grateful that I could take a break; that I like my day job.

It's almost February and one day, riding the bus home from work, I realized I was finally ready to begin again. I have ideas-- I'm excited-- and I feel refreshed.

What has struck me is the necessity of breaks, the importance of self-care. While I could have grown my shop further this month, I know that in the long run, it wasn't worth it.

Going forward, I want to challenge myself to evaluate if I need a break, if I need to take care of myself.

I know that we can't always take a month off of something-- and granted, January was not by any means a lazy month-- but sometimes we need to put some things on the back burner for awhile. Will we get ahead by always pushing ourselves? Or will we still get to where we need to go, will we still be who we are,  if we take a small break? I've learned the answer is yes.

xo, erika


  1. That's a really good point. So much better that you take that time for yourself, as it most certainly reflects through the work we produce. Better that you admit where you need a rest and hold off on a few things, rather than spreading yourself too thinly and your beautifully crafted works of art pay the price.

    Sensible lady and brave to admit you needed a little breath.

    Can't wait to see what new ideas you come up with! I'm on the cusp of opening my online store, but I'm still super early stages, experimenting with what to make etc… Going to use you as inspiration : )


    Faded Windmills

  2. I so agree, breaks are a good thing. They help you to start fresh, come up with new ideas, be excited again.

    I can't wait to see what you have in store!

  3. I'm experiencing EXACTLY the same thing right now. After having to take time off work and having something really make me focus more on my health, I've slowed myself right down and I'm trying to concentrate on looking after myself - but like you I always have a lot going on. I've felt bad for such an unproductive week but definitely needed to take the time to slow down!

    Hannah x


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