plaid skirt

For awhile I was on a plaid pants kick, but I haven’t been able to find any (there was a pair at Zara that was out of my price range and of course now that they're on sale, they're out of stock) so I changed my search to focus on a plaid skirt.

My friend found the plaid skirt when we were exploring a vintage boutique, but after determining it wasn’t her size, I had to snag it. (And at 40 percent off, too!)

I’m a little bit worried it’s too school girl-ish, (I have a problem with people thinking I’m several years younger than I am), but one of my friends told me its much more Scottish than anything else.

Jury's out whether that's a good thing.

xo, erika


  1. Love how you paired the blue color with the plaid. Super cute!


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  3. Jury says: Keeper! Knee-length skirt is classy and a fitted silhouette is just plain flattering. I say rock the plaid and let them card you!


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