on repeat

Currently on repeat:

- this thrifted sweater and my Minnetonka moccasins. If possible, I'd wear some combination of the sweater and the shoes every day.

- brussel sprouts. I can't believe I once was afraid to cook these little guys. I love them roasted and I've had them in some form every week for awhile now.

- the oh hello's. I was introduced to them by a blog post on Wild & Precious and instantly went and bought the album. Think of it as a Lumineers meets Mumford kind of group.

- dark chocolate. I'm thinking of it as a way to balance the sprouts. I got a ton for Christmas and I'm slowly working through it all (and enjoying every moment!)

- reading. I can't wait to share some of my favorite reads from the month! I'm currently reading "The Goldfinch." Jury is out on whether I like it. (I'm only a third of the way through and it's quite a beast of a book.)

what's currently on rotation for you?

xo, erika

sweater: thrifted
top: Nordstrom -- few years old
scarf: H&M (Christmas gift!)
jeans: Gap
moccasins: Minnetonka


  1. oh, that outfit looks comfy & cosy. Nice!

    Katharina // Katinka

  2. Definately chocolate, I think I will turn into a chocolate by the time I finished all I have in the flat! And yoga too, which will hopefully make up for it :)

  3. What a cozy outfit, perfect for the cold days! My clothing rotation consists of lots of layers.

  4. you look adorable. love everything about your outfit!

  5. oh man!! I love how cozy that sweater looks!! In fact this whole outfit looks so warm and comfortable!! And now you have me wanting some chocolate!! ;)

  6. This outfit is adorable! I have a sweater that is just like that and I wear it all the time too! I wish I could eat brussel spouts but they have to much fiber or protein for my tummy.

  7. My warmest sweaters are currently on rotation! These are some cute pics lady! Your scarf looks great with all that greenery in the background!


  8. My goodness, this scarf and these shoes, I'm in love! I'm checking out the oh, hello's right now, they seem like my kind of band!

  9. i love those shoes but that scarf! ohmigoodness I need it :) It looks so stinkin warm! I got one for christmas but it is way to small and my daughter confiscated it

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    Makeover With Aspen

  10. Gorgeous look girl! So darn cozy! Those jeans are rockin!


  11. Oh my gosh, this outfit is just perfect with the cozy scarf/sweater and the moccasins. :) and hello from a fellow Seattle blogger!

  12. I just started the Goldfinch....not sure what I think yet but I have not gotten through that much of it. I hope it sucks me in. I love getting sucked into a book.


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