the hair necessities

Quick confession: The title of this post-- the hair necessities-- is totally an on-purpose play on "The Jungle Book" song "The Bare Necessities." I'm humming to it right now... and if it's now stuck in your head, sorry. ;)

When I was little, I didn't like my hair. Kids can be cruel-- especially to anyone different-- and my red hair made me different. I wanted black hair or brown hair, honestly. It wasn't until college that I really appreciated the color and now my hair is probably my favorite feature. I'm not too fancy when it comes to taking care of my hair, but I do have a routine of products that I use to tame the mane. 

Let me explain one quick thing. I do not wash my hair every day, and most often I try to go every two days. Before you tell me how gross that is, for one thing, I'm lazy and this saves me a TON of time. Also, I've heard from so many people that washing your hair daily is really not good for it. It takes time to train your hair to be able to go without a daily wash, but if you can hack the few greaseball days getting there, it is worth it. Promise.

1. Aveda style prep smoother. This is the only fancy hair product I own, but I swear by it. It's non-greasy, light-weight but keeps my hair smooth and easier to style. I'm hooked.

2. Ceramic Tools flat iron It's not the fanciest, priciest flat iron, but it's a ceramic one that works really well for me (my hair is slightly wavy) and for the price, ($21 on Amazon!), it cannot be beat.

3. HANAair blow dryer. I've never been a fancy-pants blowdryer person. A lot of time I'm running late and don't have time to blow dry my entire mane, but I was asked to review this one by the fine folk at Misikko and I'm impressed. Turns out nice blow dryers make a difference. This one is labeled as the best professional blow dyer, and it honestly wins its title: it makes my hair silkier, my hair style last longer and my hair is dryer, faster.

4. Tresemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hairspray Sometimes you need the hairs to hold. This spray is awesome but it doesn't make your hair too helmet-like.

5. dry shampoo by Sauve. I've tried a few dry shampoos but this cheapo one by Sauve wins. It smells delish and works well. I spray it on my roots after I work out during lunch. I cannot love on this product more.

5. baby powder. So here's the real secret behind how I don't wash my hair daily. I put in baby powder in my hair, concentrating on my bangs and roots and crown of my head, before bed. I like the lavender baby powder so it doesn't smell too baby. (The husband appreciates that.)

6. Suave rosemary mint shampoo and conditioner. There's a certain high-end brand (ahem Aveda) that makes this awesome rosemary mint shampoo that I cannot justify buying. Luckily there's this low-end brand that sells something practically identical for a fraction of the price. woot.

Do you have any favorite hair products? And have I convinced you to stop washing your hair?

xo, erika

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  1. Thanks for the flat iron rec - I need one and glad to know this one works well on wavy hair!

  2. Have you tried Dove dry shampoo? Just curious.... I haven't tried the Suave one but I may since you said you've tried others and Suave is your fav!

  3. I have been going 2-3 days without washing my hair, and it is SO MUCH BETTER! I had ridiculous post-partum hair loss after my second baby, and this has helped. I love Suave dry shampoo!


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