pop culture told me to mix prints

I'm going to make a few pop culture references in regards to my outfit.

First one, from Sarah Jessica Parker.

Apparently because I did not create enough miles to actually go anywhere, United Airlines decided to take pity on me and instead of traveling, I can escape with some free magazine subscriptions! Luckily for them, I admit, I love magazines. So I got a subscription to InStyle Magazine and this month's cover girl Sarah Jessica Parker wisely said this:

"People should dress the way they want. Any rules for age or shape are silly. If you walk out the door feeling good about yourself, that’s what counts.”

I took her advice to heart with this outfit. Polka-dotted pleated skirt and gingham blouse? Why not? I really like it and it makes me feel good. So there.

Now, my second pop culture reference.

I confess to watching a lot of Project Runway and I just heard that Tim Gunn is getting his own show. Tim Gunn tells people to "make it work," and while he may not have been talking about mixing prints, I am going to pretend he was in this case.

Two pop culture icons justifying my outfit. More than enough for me.

xo, erika

p.s. Can we, for a moment, talk about the insane quality of the vivid moss on the tree? It's incredible that everything is dormant right now in winter, yet this moss is so bright. Incredible.

cardigan: borrowed from a friend
blouse: Target
skirt: thrifted

boots: Franco Sarto (similar)


  1. See, this looks so cute on you, but I feel like if I tried to do that people would ask if I got dressed in the dark...

  2. Love the moss on the tree and I agree with SJP, as long as you feel good about it (and I'd add it isn't offending others w/ too much skin)!

  3. I did that once with unused United miles. it's a fun thing they offer.... Love the print mixing - so cute!

  4. the moss on that tree is amazing - and YES, i'm all about mixing prints. love what you did here!

  5. SO CUTE!! Love it love it love it. You've mixed them masterfully.

  6. I love these prints together and the cute braid in your hair!! ooooo!! and the moss in that tree is so pretty - it looks right out of a fairytale!!! xo

  7. go moss go & go you for rocking these prints!
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