I struggled with writing this post.
I read so many good 2014 posts and so many good words that people chose.
And I thought. I prayed. And I came up with a lot of good words.

But that is exactly the problem. I am a take-on-too-much, do-all-the-good-things kind of person.

When I look back over 2013, it was a good year and it was a full year but I don't know that I fully lived or enjoyed all of it.

When I was with friends, I confess to thinking about the things I need to do for the shop, or my home, and when I'm working on the shop, I am thinking about the other things I could be doing. Simply put, I am rarely good at being content in the moment -- present with others or the situation.

This year I want to be present before God, so I can focus on Him, His calling and His plan for me.

I want to be present with others, to listen and step into my relationships more fully.

Wherever I am -- at my day job, sewing late at night, or sitting on the couch with the husband watching SNL reruns, I want to be present.

I don't want to set up a bunch of little goals -- although I'm tempted to! -- I just want to focus on this one thing and pray that life will flow from that.

Do you have a word? Or goals?

xo, erika
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  1. You go girl! I think when you make it really simple and just focus on that one thing, you're way more likely to succeed anyway. My word this year is "honesty." I gotta just say stuff.

  2. Yes to SNL reruns. Especially if Jimmy Fallon is involved.

    Along a similar vein, my word is "still." I need to remember that there's a girl in there who likes sleeping late and reading books for fun and watching tv and *not* doing something *all* the time. I don't want to feel guilty for taking time to rest.

    Happy 2014 to you!

  3. Good word friend, and even better intention behind it.

  4. these are really great ones.
    I tend not to talk about my goals and resolutions. So props to anyone who publishes them on a blog like you!



  5. what a wonderful goal to have, love this. happy new year erika!

  6. This year I too am focusing on a word (in my case it is "Make"). Just wrote about it on my blog yesterday, in fact! "Present" is a good one.

  7. Why is this so much easier said than done?! I think this word is perfect and a brave move. Cheers to 2014!

  8. i think we are on the same page (not that you need to read another NY post ;) but i wrote about focus today too. i take on a lot and get easily distracted - when instead i just need to focus and be in the present. we can do this, girl! :)

  9. Sometimes less is more, so I think a simple goal of "Presence" can mean so much! Get it.

    I do have goals. My 2013 was rough and not my favorite. So much of my actions (and inactions!), words, and attitudes were stemmed from fear, so I am charging into 2014 with a counter-word: Brave. I am about to embark on one busy, full season, methinks, but I am ready.

  10. Honestly I just want to be less focused on others. Not because that's BAD but lately I've found myself spending way too much energy on what other people think. It's horrible. And it makes me feel horrible.

    Wishing you an awesome 2014 Erika.

  11. Yes, pretty much this exactly (well, without the religious part). It's easier for me to live in the future, where lists and grand plans make me feel more in control. But probably not healthy. I'm trying to figure out how to remind myself to enjoy the present, in full. No clue, thus far.

    The last time I had a word for the year, the word was "Opportunity" and it turned out that was the wrong word for a do-everything gal. ;)

  12. I love your use of this word. It's great. I totally understand about not being present. I choose free for my word.


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